Real Life Adventures by Gary Wise and Lance Aldrich

Real Life AdventuresNo Zoom

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  1. slavetofashion69

    slavetofashion69 said, about 7 years ago


  2. J_Verschueren

    J_Verschueren said, about 7 years ago

    Yup, this one eludes me too…

  3. pksampso

    pksampso said, about 7 years ago

    Well, how about this: “Life After People” is a TV series about what happens to the world after people are gone. He won’t talk to her, so she’s feeling all alone (apparently forgetting that she is “people” herself).

    Seems like a loooooooooong way to reach for a joke…

  4. fyrebird911

    fyrebird911 said, about 7 years ago

    that’s a good show

  5. NoBrandName

    NoBrandName said, about 7 years ago

    They’ve fallen into a routine where they don’t seem to go out anymore, and he is ignoring her. Life after people. What’s so hard to get?

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