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  1. Knisabre commented on Luann 7 days ago

    I’m rooting for some Hunger Games in this strip.

  2. Knisabre commented on Peanuts 3 months ago

    What a delightfully odd strip this was. Snoopy doesn’t get angry often. Annoyed, sure, but he was bird-icidal here, with disturbingly graphic detail. Of course, this is 1967 and that bird is obviously not Woodstock. But still, I gotta wonder what Sparky had on his mind while drawing this.

  3. Knisabre commented on Peanuts 4 months ago

    These are batting averages. A good major league average is over .300, with very few hitting over .400, and a poor average is around .200. So, .640 and .850 are very high indeed. Simply put, a .700 average means in every 10 times he comes to bat, he gets a hit 7 of those times. (hits divided by at-bats)

  4. Knisabre commented on Peanuts 4 months ago

    I remember Jose’. But my favorite temporary character (may have recurred a few times) is Truffles.

  5. Knisabre commented on Luann 5 months ago

    It would be AWFUL to meet someone like Delta, except in passing. Being altruistic 100% of the time just means she will be in a state of constant judgement of you for not being… well, her. She has a so-called friend in a bit of a crisis and instead of helping her, she is mocking her and trying to shame her for trying to loosen up and have a little fun in life. Delta may be a giving person, but she is a terrible friend.

  6. Knisabre commented on Rose is Rose 6 months ago

    So, Rose’s mom is pretty much Vicki. And I’m probably not the first to notice that.

  7. Knisabre commented on Luann 6 months ago

    I think this may be leading up to A Very Special Episode of Luann. It would fit Greg’s style.

  8. Knisabre commented on Luann 7 months ago

    He’s becoming less interesting to her. She’s bound to discover soon what a dullard Gunther is and will move on. If Reality has any say, that is.

  9. Knisabre commented on Luann 7 months ago

    I think I know the next line: “Choose!” and Luann will learn how well ultimatums go over. She is really a rather repulsive character, but I suppose she’s the vehicle for teen pig-headedness (and selfishness). I miss Bernice being around to keep Luann grounded a little. Seems like that stopped for some reason.

  10. Knisabre commented on Nancy 8 months ago

    Is that Brenda Lee?