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  1. Knisabre commented on Luann 2 days ago

    Considering what he’s been through and the changes in his life, I am certain his mom will start calling him “Gunther” and will begin to treat him as more of an adult than man-child. She’ll NEED him to be more adult anyway, to help him get through the idea of “Mommy Dating” some guy. She’s a good mom- she’ll be proud of him and not angry.

  2. Knisabre commented on Nancy 10 days ago

    So, Sluggo can’t afford to eat in the diner with Nancy and is eagerly awaiting her table scraps. Nancy, his sort-of girlfriend, is annoyed at that. Hilarious!

  3. Knisabre commented on Nancy 12 days ago

    They’re all leaning against nothing.

  4. Knisabre commented on Luann 25 days ago

    I hope the green shirt means Knute is next in line for a change. He needs to grow up more than anyone. I suggest drug overdose. Then let commenters here decide by vote if he survives or not. Sure, it’s been done, but he’s just so boring and predictable… oh, and I voted for Robin to die (yeah, I’m old).

  5. Knisabre commented on Peanuts 26 days ago

    Lucy is by far my favorite character. CB has a very unhealthy self-image and it’s all self-induced. Lucy is just the medicine he needs. Had their lives actually progressed, I could see CB become what he’d like to be just to spite her. Then, when he goes to rub it in her face, she’ll say “I knew you had it in you.” or the like. She doesn’t hate him or she wouldn’t spend so much time trying to help him (or help him help himself). She reminds me a bit of a newer character, Louise from “Bob’s Burgers”, now that I think about it.

  6. Knisabre commented on Luann 28 days ago

    1 – Frank and Nancy should have easily been able to hear the staple gun and come to investigate. These guns are quite loud and Knute has used it over 30 times already.

    2 – Knute suffers from a profound intellectual disability (clinical idiocy) and possibly ADD/impulse control issues. Greg should do a storyline about him and how parents, teachers, friends, and others manage to cope with such a person and how Knute copes with it himself (my step-son is this way, so I speak from personal experience). Also, it would likely be much more interesting (and useful!) than wherever he is going with this. Been a while since we’ve had A Very Special Luann.

  7. Knisabre commented on Luann 2 months ago

    Mrs. B reminds me of “Pat” from SNL. She’s Gunther in a dress. And I guess the guy could be Fred Garvin from SNL, but they call him Mr. Gray.

  8. Knisabre commented on Luann 3 months ago

    Is this leading up to the “Tiffany gets rufied” story arc?

  9. Knisabre commented on Peanuts 5 months ago

    It was Lucy who buried Linus’ blanket. Snoopy just grabbed it from time to time, though in this arc he dug it up for Linus. The arc ran from Jan 2-21, 1961. http://peanuts.wikia.com/wiki/January_1961_comic_strips

  10. Knisabre commented on Luann Bonus Material 6 months ago

    Hmm. Only approved by around a 5:3 ratio. Sure, he looked surprised by the actual explosion, but he didn’t look all that shaken afterward having come as close to death as he (apparently) did. In fact, in each of the strips following the explosion he’s been smiling, sometimes eyes closed and sometimes with a raised eyebrow. After the claim gets approved (as per the vote) I hope Brad investigates and learns it was fraud, though I can see TJ just outright telling Brad with that slap-worthy smirk on his face. Brad doesn’t rat out his friend but he does end the friendship. Fits.