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The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn

The Argyle Sweater

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  1. UncaJim commented on Pluggers about 4 hours ago

    “I was a little concerned at the time since the first day of retirement was “All Fools Day.”
    Here’s to us ! >klink1<

  2. UncaJim commented on Strange Brew about 4 hours ago

    many bats eat mosquitoes.
    You wouldn’t be pulling an ol’ farm-boy’s leg, would you?? (wink)

  3. UncaJim commented on Strange Brew about 14 hours ago

    We preferred the flowers and bees and hummingbirds rather than the expense of Farm and Home-type hummingbird water. Now, about the bats and mosquitoes……

  4. UncaJim commented on Speed Bump about 14 hours ago

    “Huffing” with no breeze to weaken the effect…
    and kudos to Zin for ‘best comment!’ IMHO.

  5. UncaJim commented on Shoe about 14 hours ago

    I remember the ’60’s, working in Ohio, and having to visit a local County Office Bldg for some reason or other, and its walled Jackson Pollock-like map of the state color-coded counties, towns, villages and areas that were dry, Sunday only, no whisky, 3.2 beer, wine only, and a jungle of other laws, conditions, stipulations of hours and on and on and on..Oklahoma was no better, for you had to tote your own likker (in the trunk of your vehicle) to whatever watering hole you went to so that the bartender could put your bottle on the back-bar and charge you a buck for a ‘set-up’ for your own dam booze.. Last I knew, both states have moved up into the 21st century, or at least tried. But don’t go to Argyle, NY expecting to get a cold beer after a hot day of tromping the local cemeteries..It’s been dry since the 1800’s and plans no change. But nod to a certain kid and you can get a baggie of weed or a bunch of meth and the town meanders onward.

  6. UncaJim commented on Rubes about 15 hours ago

    Carpet-Bombing personified.

  7. UncaJim commented on PreTeena about 15 hours ago

    Hm..An early (2001) forerunner of The Kardashians ! Who knew??

  8. UncaJim commented on Pluggers about 15 hours ago

    23 years and counting as of last March.. I never called it ‘retirement’…merely a ‘lateral career move’…

  9. UncaJim commented on Annie about 15 hours ago

    As I’d posted yesterday;

    Sad case..

  10. UncaJim commented on Speed Bump 1 day ago

    I always wondered what “Spaghetti Junction” waz, until I got there one sweaty afternoon.
    Never again.