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  1. Unca Jim commented on Stone Soup 1 day ago

    I remember the old jokes (and facts) of the marriages of the early ’40’s and such; Draftees headed for war, ‘hurry-up’ weddings; future fathers-in-law offering to ‘hold the ladder’ and a gallon of “A” sticker gas as a present for the honeymoon..Shotguns either painted or decorated in white, toted by the bride’s father…(to make it a formal wedding) and some of the sense and nonsense of the day. Most I remember is the 5 piece bands and the screaming fits of the little flower girls when it dawned on them that it wasn’t all about THEM !
    (and I suppose the empty church at rehearsal was a big change for the little princesses when it was suddenly filled with stinky old ladies with scary hats and grim-faced men with beards and suits) Ah, reminisc..remin… MEMORIES!

  2. Unca Jim commented on Wide Open 1 day ago

    " I knew who it was immediately!"
    Now there’s a mind-picture that’s “just not right !”

  3. Unca Jim commented on Real Life Adventures 1 day ago

    " Captain Jack Sparrow was first to use a true compass."
    I don’ t know what he called it back then, but a glass of Cap’n Jack and Coke sure brings the spirit of the day to the forefront !

  4. Unca Jim commented on One Big Happy 2 days ago

    “called the modern family. Over worked, under paid and not enough to go around.”
    I’d say more like the modern “Un-Family”; no father, diffident mother who relies on stamps and the 99-cent store for survival.

  5. Unca Jim commented on Non Sequitur 2 days ago

    " before the armstrong house foundation noticed her coming and going, and without pay, too."
    Now, THAT’s dead-ication !

  6. Unca Jim commented on JumpStart 2 days ago

    I remember the teen-age ’50’s and the wrenching of vehicles of the age as I struggled to avoid the draft and keep my guitars in strings. I could get 21-25 mpg on such Fords and the like and if they got sick, a roadside fix was possible and a tow or tire was available from the next farmer up the road. Sixty years later, a 4-wheeled computer sits in my carport, daring me to take it for a ride among texting, sexting,distracted traffic, mixing it up with ‘inexperienced’ and ‘elderly’ drivers, who, in either group, have a problem with drugs, either prescribed or proscribed.
    And the 4-wheeled wonder gets the same ’50’s mileage after ‘They’ decided that it would run better on 15% corn-juice.

    And they wonder why I hide at home and drink.

  7. Unca Jim commented on Rubes 4 days ago

    “they’re here to serve man…”
    On a stick.

  8. Unca Jim commented on Real Life Adventures 4 days ago

    Sounds like a theme song from “Hee-Haw !”

  9. Unca Jim commented on Strange Brew 5 days ago

    “A guy who actually worked in the salt mine under Lake Erie used to stop by the café I worked at.”
    It it waz the same guy, he used to replace the light bulbs on our antenna towers in Broadview Heights back in the ’60’s !! Scary job at 300 feet UP !

  10. Unca Jim commented on Rubes 5 days ago

    Now who asked for a Mexican Channel 27 Tire Commercial?? (snerk)