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  1. Unca Jim commented on Annie about 9 hours ago

    “Making a special note not to patronize any of these companies that interfere and harass me.”
    Maybe if AdBlock Plus advertised here………
    but they’d be shooting themselves in their foots, wun’t they?

  2. Unca Jim commented on Speed Bump 1 day ago

    Download Adblock Plus..It’s free and it works !!

  3. Unca Jim commented on PreTeena 2 days ago

    Had rhubarb AND strawberries on the farm.. mmm-MMMM!
    Good groceries!!


  4. Unca Jim commented on Barkeater Lake 4 days ago

    “the 4th time I’ve followed this strip from the beginning”
    It’s all about my home area..2nd time for me.
    Nutty as they are, I miss the territory.

  5. Unca Jim commented on Strange Brew 4 days ago

    Hey, you’re right… Newspaper’s in the bin and it’s hot out, but I NEVER did pasta without salting the water.. it’s just…just….words fail me.

  6. Unca Jim commented on Wizard of Id 4 days ago

    It never occurred to me that she knew so many bad words.
    They do here in FL. We call ‘em “Q-Tips.”
    A lil’ ball of white fluff apparently steering a 1984 Cadillac ElDorado through the right-lane traffic, never turning, but bound and determined to keep us all below the speed limit.

  7. Unca Jim commented on Strange Brew 4 days ago

    Oh, and another thing that scrapes my toast; The local Mexican restaurants that bring a basketful of Tortilla chips with just a tiny saucer of salsa to amuse yourself while waiting for ‘whatever number six is’ on the menu.

  8. Unca Jim commented on Strange Brew 4 days ago

    Oddly enough, in today’s Financial Page, there was a story about why Olive Garden is losing its butt these days; notably about the shovel-ful of breadsticks being doled out and uneaten, the cupful of dressing on the salads, (which is why I ask for it ‘on the side’) and something about their new logo “which looks like a second-grader’s attempt at cursive writing”…there waz more, but the ‘report’ about them was like, 300 pages of criticism by their corporate buyers…

  9. Unca Jim commented on Pluggers 4 days ago

    Hunt around for ‘Doc Martin’ on PBS, a 45 minute BritCom/drama whose humor is quite dry.

  10. Unca Jim commented on Pluggers 6 days ago

    ….and it shakes so much that the beer goes flat, anyway…
    Cured that problem by parking the beer on the porch in the shade with a cover on top, for it seems flies and wasps like beer, too ! (Pa-TOO !!!)