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  1. JimT8 commented on Luann 4 days ago

    “Salamanders and geckos are both lizards.”

    No. Salamanders are amphibians, like frogs.

  2. JimT8 commented on Luann 4 days ago

    “Gunther, shave or grow a beard already. The stubble is annoying.”

    What’s annoying is all the stuffed shirts objecting to his beard.

  3. JimT8 commented on Luann 4 days ago

    “Heck, all they have to do is walk across an open field…”

    Are you serious? If so, take me there. I’ve never found a salamander in the wild.

  4. JimT8 commented on Luann 6 days ago

    “Q) What should Gunther do with his life? (of 71 votes total)
    33 Votes: Shut up and grow up”

    Have you guys never heard of growing pains. Have you never questioned where you are and what you want to do? This is a normal stage of late adolescence and sometimes rears its head again as midlife crisis. So would everybody please just shut up and wait to see how Gunther comes out of this?

  5. JimT8 commented on Luann 8 days ago

    Just remember, Bernice is turned on by his beard.

  6. JimT8 commented on Non Sequitur 8 days ago

    “Why are conservatives portrayed as “intolerant bufoons” and liberals portrayed as “taking a stand for what they believe in” when ever they behave in similar ways?”

    First of all, what we have here is an intolerant buffoon who does not even specify what is intolerable. There is no hint of political position here. As for conservatives, believe me, they are always telling us how much they are “taking a stand for what they believe in.” With a vengeance.

  7. JimT8 commented on Luann 10 days ago

    “we go back to pretending Luann and Quill don’t have sex and must sleep in separate rooms.”

    "We"don’t. Her friend does.

  8. JimT8 commented on Luann 11 days ago

    Didn’t she already more or less announce this —to her parents, who didn’t want to hear about it?

  9. JimT8 commented on Luann 18 days ago

    “I am not sure if Dez’ approval means Evans wants us to think this is a great plan, or if Evans wants us to think it is an idiotic plan.”

    Maybe he just wants us to decide what we think.

  10. JimT8 commented on Luann 18 days ago

    “now she still needs parental approval and permission.”

    No, she doesn’t. She just needs the money to do it.