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  1. ted.hering commented on Stone Soup 1 day ago

    Reminds me of the Calvin Coolidge story. He was seated next to a lady at the banquet table who gushed, “Oh, Mr. Coolidge, I made a bet with a friend that I could make you say more than two words.” Coolidge: “You lose.”

  2. ted.hering commented on Ziggy 6 days ago

    It’s only fair. Ziggy looks at the bird bath.

  3. ted.hering commented on One Big Happy 7 days ago

    Did they have plastic in the 1930s?

  4. ted.hering commented on Herb and Jamaal 7 days ago

    A beggar yesterday asked me for “four or five dollars.” Talk about inflation! Tramps used to hit me up for quarters. (I told him — truthfully — I had no bills, but he could have my loose change. “No thanks,” he says as he walked away.)

  5. ted.hering commented on Herman 7 days ago

    Someone (Johnny Carson?) asked Billy Graham what he said when he hit his thumb with a hammer. Answer: “I think I said ‘Ouch!’”

  6. ted.hering commented on Ziggy 11 days ago

    Our neighbor’s dog must be on the same diet.

  7. ted.hering commented on WaynoVision 11 days ago

    Sluggo grew up.

  8. ted.hering commented on Close to Home 15 days ago

    That’s funny! I wish I’d thought of it!

  9. ted.hering commented on Close to Home 17 days ago

    Our doctor’s waiting room has mostly “health” magazines, which I guess his medical suppliers leave. Ho-hum!

  10. ted.hering commented on Close to Home 18 days ago

    Anybody but me remember the old Arch Obler story, “A Day At The Dentist?”