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  1. gmgodsil commented on Jerry Holbert about 20 hours ago

    As I was taught as a child – it takes one to know one. You, my good man, just proved a point!

  2. gmgodsil commented on Pat Oliphant about 21 hours ago

    Sorry, they both were (are) worthless presidents & just as bad as an ex-president. Carter needs to blow away and I can’t wait for obama to be gone as well. Wasteful 2 terms of presidency and at least carter was only one wasted term.

  3. gmgodsil commented on Steve Kelley about 21 hours ago

    The LAST thing he is is “fair & impartial”. Isn’t this administration done yet? They’ve sucked at EVERYTHING, so Ferguson, Iraq, ISIS, Israel, Hamas, nothing surprises me anymore.

  4. gmgodsil commented on Chip Bok about 21 hours ago

    Shoot him too!

  5. gmgodsil commented on Lalo Alcaraz about 21 hours ago

    Exactly. Why the additional “crime” if there was none to start? Black on black crime has run amok, but nobody does anything about it. This comic is one racist SOB & is stoking the hate fire.

  6. gmgodsil commented on Jerry Holbert 7 days ago

    Too bad they both can’t be successful and then America will be the winner!

  7. gmgodsil commented on Tom Toles 7 days ago

    This is actually WHY we have our 2nd Amendment rights, that SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!

  8. gmgodsil commented on Mike Luckovich 7 days ago

    Andy RARELY used a gun and then only on bad guys, so let’s get it straight next time. And Barney only had a handgun with one bullet. I doubt he could shoot straight.

  9. gmgodsil commented on Jerry Holbert 8 days ago

    Actually this applies to the American voters who did “stupid stuff” 2x – 2008 & 2012!!!

  10. gmgodsil commented on Tom Toles 8 days ago

    America will be saved again and made strong! It’s about time.