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  1. comedynut commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 5 days ago

    Peace on Earth!!


    That will never happen. Someone will always be fighting or killing someone.

    I think if we ever had peace on the whole earth. God would come and wipe us all out and start again.

    Merry Christmas………

  2. comedynut commented on Nancy 5 days ago

    Nicely put Guy.

    Love it…..

    like to see Phil still around…

  3. comedynut commented on Momma 5 days ago



  4. comedynut commented on The Middletons 5 days ago


    Another Christmas Car Commericial…..

    I am so sick of Christmas Car Commercials

    as if everyone can just go out and buy a car for Christmas.

    they come on every few minutes on the tv

    It makes me sick, sick, sick…

    and so as tiny Tim once said.

    God Bless us, everyone…


    Tip Toe through the tulips…


    Merry Christmas……..

  5. comedynut commented on Nancy 10 days ago

    Wonderfully put Guy.

    remember to keep Christ in Christmas….


  6. comedynut commented on The Buckets 10 days ago

    just give him a bottle of yellow tail. after that he will sleep like a log……..


  7. comedynut commented on The Born Loser 11 days ago

    lot’s of green will but you way in the black….

    wish I had some green….

  8. comedynut commented on Nancy 12 days ago

    you said it Fritzi !!!

  9. comedynut commented on Nancy 15 days ago

    GO BUC’S. GO FAR AWAY!!!!!

    Maybe to another state……….

    leave Florida….

  10. comedynut commented on Drabble 15 days ago

    AMEN to that!!!

    Christmas has gone way too commercial.

    Retailers won’t be satisified until it is ALL YEAR ROUND….

    Forget about the rest of the holidays.

    and don’t even get started with the CAR commercials.
    you think everyone can buy a car for Christmas….

    I wish it could go back to a more simple time.

    Keep Christmas in December so we can enjoy all the holidays with some time in between….