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  1. debuggingdevice commented on Brevity 15 days ago

    Obviously, it’s the Israeli edition – written in English…for Anglo immigrants!

  2. debuggingdevice commented on Speed Bump 23 days ago

    He looks like he needs to have a “Dangling Conversation” with a certified therapist, because he is “couched in his indifference, like shells upon the shore, you can hear the oceans roar!” and the glass window forms the “borders of his life!”

  3. debuggingdevice commented on Reality Check 23 days ago


  4. debuggingdevice commented on Reality Check 23 days ago

    You forgot the, “Here I am!”

  5. debuggingdevice commented on The Duplex 25 days ago

    This theme looks awfully familiar as compared to a Speed Bump that has a coffeehouse with a guitarist sitting cross-legged on a short stool. He is holding a guitar backwards (both hands on the neck and the guitar’s body above his shoulder!) and tells the audience, “This is called THE BALLAD OF THE SELF-TAUGHT GUITARIST.”
    I find both of them funny!!

  6. debuggingdevice commented on CowTown 30 days ago

    Sounds like a very SOD story!

  7. debuggingdevice commented on In the Bleachers about 1 month ago

    “Krill of my dreams, I love you!”

    “Krill, You’ll Be A Woman Soon (soon, you’ll need a man!”

    “Can’t help it. The Krill can’t help it!”

    “Young Krill, get out of my mind. My love for you is way out of line!”

    “Is there anybody going to listen to my story, all about the Krill that came to stay!”

    “Hey there, Georgy Krill!”

    “My Krill, my Krill, my Krill…talkin’ ’bout my Krill – My Krill!!”

    “Big Krill, Don’t Cry-yiy-yiy!”

    “I wanna be Bobby’s Krill! I wanna be Bobby’s Krill! That’s the one important thing to me-ee!!!”

    “I love I love I love my calendar Krill!”

    “I wish they all could be California Krill!

    “Don’t The Krill All Get Prettier At Closing Time!”

    “Is there anybody going to listen to my story?, all about the Krill who came to stay!”

  8. debuggingdevice commented on Farcus about 1 month ago

    That’s 9 tons too much!


  9. debuggingdevice commented on Brevity about 1 month ago

    Toto was a music group. Check out this Youtube:


  10. debuggingdevice commented on Rubes about 1 month ago

    See what you can learn at a Webinar?