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  1. debuggingdevice commented on CowTown about 6 hours ago

    You can also throw in a handful of LIGHTening bugs and a bowl of Sealtest LIGHT ’n Lively ice cream, for munchies!!

    He’ll also have to get one of those old Norelco electric shavers they used to advertise around the winter holiday time because they had Norelco Santa going down the slopes to the words “Floating head, Floating Heads, Floating All The Way…” a la Jingle Bells!

  2. debuggingdevice commented on Farcus 1 day ago

    I must be missing something here!

    Does this have anything to do with ATMs along the federally controlled-access highway system in Germany (Autobahnk)?

  3. debuggingdevice commented on Farcus 17 days ago

    I’m sorry…the reception at my end is not very good!

  4. debuggingdevice commented on CowTown about 1 month ago

    What a hair-raising experience they all had!

  5. debuggingdevice commented on Farcus about 1 month ago

    Looks more like, “Take this JAB and sh*** it!”

  6. debuggingdevice commented on CowTown about 1 month ago

    If my memory serves me well, we’ve seen this comic from Charlie before…not that long ago, actually! Does anyone else remember it too?

  7. debuggingdevice commented on Loose Parts 2 months ago

    Zin…that was Jeffrey DAHMER not Donner!

  8. debuggingdevice commented on The Argyle Sweater 2 months ago

    If you’ve got the place, the fork has the tine!

  9. debuggingdevice commented on Reality Check 2 months ago

    Sounds more to me like the current administration with regard to its reporting of the Benghazi debacle!

  10. debuggingdevice commented on Cornered 2 months ago

    Well, he could not reliably get to work on time in that water craft…I don’t think I could either…canoe?