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  1. Strod commented on Stone Soup about 22 hours ago

    Not such a big deal when both of them have hot dog breath.

  2. Strod commented on Cow and Boy Classics about 22 hours ago

    He, does, He, does.

  3. Strod commented on The Fusco Brothers 2 days ago

    So… the interrobang is a standard unicode character‽

  4. Strod commented on Get Fuzzy 3 days ago

    Oh, God, I just realized that Bucky is @ Nabuquduriuzhur!

  5. Strod commented on Over the Hedge 5 days ago

    Verne dances?
    Yes. At night. In his dreams. With an imaginary friend.

  6. Strod commented on One Big Happy 5 days ago

    Re: today’s strip at Creators or Arcamax:
    My dictionary also says that the origin of the name is “probably because the fruits grow in clusters.”
    But that doesn’t make any sense. All citruses I know, which are at least 10 or more, grow in “clusters”, at least as much as grapefruits do.
    In fact, the grapefruit is a hybrid of pomelo and sweet orange, and of course both of those grow in clusters (again, at leas as much as grapefruits).

  7. Strod commented on One Big Happy 9 days ago

    Agreed. I really can’t relate to the strip today.

  8. Strod commented on Monty 9 days ago

    Bigfoot not only vanished from the table. He somehow took with him the two sandwiches and the chips they were all eating.

  9. Strod commented on HUBRIS! 9 days ago

    Wait… today is Thursday, which means that we’ll be kept hanging until next Monday!
    (Unless of course if you go to the Hubris website and read the strips there, but then you spoil all the suspense… Decisions, decisions…)

  10. Strod commented on The Fusco Brothers 10 days ago

    @Gregory Kruse
    Nabuquduriuzhur ?