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  1. Strod commented on Pearls Before Swine about 13 hours ago

    Or maybe @Nab’s argument was so absurd that even a right-wing, foaming-mouthed radio talk show host found it offensive to his intelligence and that of his audience.
    Or maybe this Bohannon guy isn’t as retarded as I’m assuming he is… after all, I had not heard of him before.
    But on the other hand you may have a point: @Nab makes a interesting and/or amusing comment every now and then. Perhaps 5% or 10% of his comments are actually good.

  2. Strod commented on Pearls Before Swine about 17 hours ago

    Dude. Your arguments usually follow Rat’s logic in today’s strip. You make stuff up and claim that it is based on science/facts, and pretend that that makes it true. But we all know you actually made it up.
    I have no idea who Jim Bohannon is, but if you an illogical argument like you do here, it’s not surprising he would get upset.
    And no, the fact that you say the comment was “reasonable” does not automatically make it so.

  3. Strod commented on Stone Soup about 18 hours ago

    Dear @Rosanee and @luvdafuneez:
    I’m actually what is called “middle aged”, and I do have a somewhat dirty mind.
    But please realize that most of what you found offensive in @MeGoNow’s comment is a product of your immaginations.
    Yes, the given context and the setup of his comment it is reasonable to believe that the mystery activity is something “dirty” and “inappropriate” here.
    But I can think of dozens of activities, some “dirty” and others not at all that would produce each of the symptoms on their own. Yet for a single of those activities to produce all the symptoms at the same time you need way, way more imagination than people with normally-dirty minds have.
    In fact, I strongly suspect that @MeGoNow doesn’t have a specific activity in mind and just threw the comment out to shock and/or amuse those with dirty minds and over-active imaginations.
    So yes, I stand by my first comment: You two have proven to have minds that are at least as dirty and probably dirtier than what @MeGoNow exhibits in his comment.

  4. Strod commented on Frank & Ernest about 22 hours ago

    And in Spanish “margarine” is called “margarina” which indeed rhymes with “Argentina”.

  5. Strod commented on FoxTrot Classics about 22 hours ago

    Nevermind. I realized that the color version in the archives does not have a zoomable version at higher resolution. It was a good decision after all.

  6. Strod commented on FoxTrot Classics about 22 hours ago

    Hmmm… Why on Earth is GoComics re-runing the B/W versions of these strips when they already have colorized versions?

  7. Strod commented on Dilbert Classics about 22 hours ago

    If that’s how they treated the principal, I wonder what they did to nerds like Dilbert.

  8. Strod commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 23 hours ago

    @LeadingEdge, that’s the question of those who doubt Hobbes’ reality.
    Not really. If you look back at the first panel you will realize that Hobbes just arrived to the scene. If he had helped putting the head on the snowman he wouldn’t be opening with that line.

  9. Strod commented on Bloom County about 23 hours ago

    Yes, this is the first of the strips that were skipped three weeks ago when they were re-running this story arc.

  10. Strod commented on Stone Soup about 23 hours ago

    @MeGoNow.. that’s BAD. You are gross!
    And you have a dirty mind… dirtier than mine anyway. I’m still trying to figure out what on Earth it is that they are cutting back on and that would cause the symptoms mentioned.