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  1. le-roy commented on F Minus 6 days ago

    If he keeps exceeding his quota of cars chased and mailmen bitten, they’ll be able to afford table scraps soon.

  2. le-roy commented on Reality Check 7 days ago

    It’s no joke.

  3. le-roy commented on Brevity 7 days ago

    I may be getting a better education from GoComics and the comments than I did in four years of college. Then again, maybe I’m just more focused on this.

  4. le-roy commented on Daddy's Home 9 days ago

    The first secret is to choose your spouse wisely. The second is to be as unselfish as the one you wisely chose.

  5. le-roy commented on Drabble 11 days ago

    When Ralph finishes doughnut #11, he’ll be wishing he had that one back.

  6. le-roy commented on Frazz 17 days ago

    I think he means “bat .333” on his predictions – most likely, he’ll just spill the Gatorade.

  7. le-roy commented on F Minus 23 days ago

    Yeah, I figure there are at least two of them doing it.

  8. le-roy commented on Pearls Before Swine 28 days ago

    Money can’t but happiness, but poverty sure can create misery.

  9. le-roy commented on Brevity 28 days ago


  10. le-roy commented on Daddy's Home about 1 month ago

    I think there’s something you’re not understanding about the term “slave labor.”