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  1. le-roy commented on F Minus 1 day ago

    Yeah, similar experience here. I only had the neck brace for seven weeks, though.

  2. le-roy commented on Reality Check 1 day ago

    Don’t you know anything? He had to get it out of the country for tax or safekeeping purposes!

  3. le-roy commented on The Born Loser 1 day ago

    My favorite actor of all time: Harold Lloyd. It is amazing how much they could communicate in silent films with so few title cards.

  4. le-roy commented on Pickles 3 days ago

    Challenge accepted: I wish we could mute [Obama/Boehner] every time he opens his mouth.

  5. le-roy commented on Daddy's Home 5 days ago

    Ironic. H&R tells us that people lost a billion dollars by doing their own taxes. Block’s 2012 revenue was $3 billion – assumedly, that’s what people paid Block to do their taxes. Now I’m no math whiz, but it sounds like one group paid a lot more in tax prep fees than the other group left on the table.

  6. le-roy commented on Frazz 6 days ago

    “Although there are not currently enough data to give clear recommendations to long-distance runners, it appears that long-distance running does not increase the risk of osteoarthritis of the knees and hips for healthy people who have no other counterindications for this kind of physical activity. Long-distance running might even have a protective effect against joint degeneration.” Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, June 2006
    Clearly, running is not for everyone, and those who can’t tolerate it well just shouldn’t do it. However, some of us enjoy it and have received health benefits from it. We tire of being told how bad it is. And for those who can’t tolerate it, luvdafuneez is right – most of the time, it’s the shoes (see: mid-sole and pronation).

  7. le-roy commented on Frazz 6 days ago

    How are you able to walk four miles on wrecked knees?

  8. le-roy commented on Reality Check 6 days ago

    No no no… it’s not a laser, it’s a PHASER.

  9. le-roy commented on Drabble 6 days ago

    Such an unfair trade-off: a short happy life, or a long miserable one.

  10. le-roy commented on Frazz 6 days ago

    You should show up at the Boston Marathon to warn the hundreds of senior citizen entrants.