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  1. ivison.bedard commented on Rob Rogers 5 days ago

    And remember kids its only wrong if your a Republican.

  2. ivison.bedard commented on Glenn McCoy 12 days ago

    Only under the Lie that Isis is not representational of the Muslim Faith. When, if Muslims actually believe the Quran, they would all be as devout to their scriptures as ISIS.

  3. ivison.bedard commented on Glenn McCoy 12 days ago

    Ha, He’s taking our his Azz.

  4. ivison.bedard commented on Steve Breen 14 days ago

    I think it would be a bit of a stretch to assume he was excluding changing how we farm. One thing he points out is the fact most people leave the water running while they are brushing their teeth. Think about those two gallons. Compare it to the 5 gal we use on average to wash our entire body. Two gallons per Californian every other day, on average. Im not a green peace but I am a conservationist just like our ancestors everywhere. Why a steaming hot shower when a warm shower is more beneficial and uses less power. Why use a hose to wash away debris every lawn mowing when you could sweep or use a blower when water is scarce.

  5. ivison.bedard commented on Chip Bok 15 days ago

    All Politics and no play makes jake a Liberal Socialist Democrat.

  6. ivison.bedard commented on Lisa Benson 19 days ago

    There is one traffic cop that won’t be running traffic for two much longer.

  7. ivison.bedard commented on Non Sequitur 24 days ago

    It funny how this strips creator seems to be justified in overlooking his own bigotry and stereotyping all Christians as Pigheaded morons. The question at hand in all of this is “Does a business owner have the right” to decide who they will do business with or in the case of “Service” type businesses the business always has the attitude that they work for the customer (that the customer is their boss). This changes the question to “Does a person have a right to” decide who they work for. Personally I would flip this Manipulative game around and openly take their money and fully disclose that I would be donating all profits to a charity that would not be very popular with them.

  8. ivison.bedard commented on Steve Breen 27 days ago

    And don’t forget the Gov’t subsidized Crore System.

  9. ivison.bedard commented on Michael Ramirez 29 days ago

    And I am betting if it were a Conservative Couple you would be using your superior intellect to condemn them as corrupt 1%ers and preach how we need to bur them all out of office and that the system only serves the rich. In reality what you live is this. Wrong is only wrong if it’s the other party doing it. Every thing you intellectually superior libs do is right… oddly enough it’s the same kind of narrow-minded unapologetic Hyprocracy the NAZI’s, Bolsheviks, Cuba, and pretty much every Socialist/Communist country in existence pulled before taking over and systematically slaughtered anyone who didn’t agree with them. Yea, I’m certain your that Guy.

  10. ivison.bedard commented on Michael Ramirez 29 days ago

    If you are so intelligent why are you bothering with us “Weak Minded” people.