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  1. ivison.bedard commented on Steve Breen about 11 hours ago

    And don’t forget the Gov’t subsidized Crore System.

  2. ivison.bedard commented on Michael Ramirez 3 days ago

    And I am betting if it were a Conservative Couple you would be using your superior intellect to condemn them as corrupt 1%ers and preach how we need to bur them all out of office and that the system only serves the rich. In reality what you live is this. Wrong is only wrong if it’s the other party doing it. Every thing you intellectually superior libs do is right… oddly enough it’s the same kind of narrow-minded unapologetic Hyprocracy the NAZI’s, Bolsheviks, Cuba, and pretty much every Socialist/Communist country in existence pulled before taking over and systematically slaughtered anyone who didn’t agree with them. Yea, I’m certain your that Guy.

  3. ivison.bedard commented on Michael Ramirez 3 days ago

    If you are so intelligent why are you bothering with us “Weak Minded” people.

  4. ivison.bedard commented on Chip Bok 10 days ago

    Leave it to you Socialists to want to roll things back to the Legal dark-ages where those in power are infallible and all others are “Guilty until Proven Innocent”. How about you post you personal financial information that isn’t any of my Business.

  5. ivison.bedard commented on Lisa Benson 10 days ago

    I think somewhere in your mind you have the concept of Commander and Chief crossed up with His Almighty Lordship.

  6. ivison.bedard commented on Glenn McCoy 19 days ago

    Now they smell just like their worldview.

  7. ivison.bedard commented on Gary Varvel 20 days ago

    Freedom of speech isn’t open for interpretation. You Socialist Dems haven’t taken over near as much as you think you have. God isn’t dead just because you don’t like or believe in Yeshua.

  8. ivison.bedard commented on Ken Catalino about 1 month ago

    Hummm, tastes like snake.
    Poor plant just hasn’t been indoctrinated and assimilated.

  9. ivison.bedard commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    He is definitely not my #1.

  10. ivison.bedard commented on Steve Breen about 1 month ago

    What no using guilt over past generations racial tensions to manipulate Bibi into conceding.