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  1. Vlad Taltos commented on Ted Rall 8 days ago

    If Pelosi can say “I’m Catholic” despite supporting abortion, I don’t see any problem with Jeb saying the same.

  2. Vlad Taltos commented on The Boondocks 10 days ago

    If you can celebrate Christmas by setting up an artificial tree two days prior, handing out presents the day of, and then sleeping the rest of your day off, then you can celebrate Kwanzaa how Dubois does it.

  3. Vlad Taltos commented on Overboard 21 days ago

    To paraphrase Kristoff, “Somebody’s gotta tell them.”

  4. Vlad Taltos commented on Bloom County about 1 month ago

    I hear Harper Lee caved and is including prodigious chainsaw use in the sequel.

  5. Vlad Taltos commented on Clay Jones 5 months ago

    This is news? Protestants still argue on the subject, but the Catholic Church has accepted the concept of evolution for years.

  6. Vlad Taltos commented on Bloom County 7 months ago

    I thought that was Mark’s dad.

  7. Vlad Taltos commented on The Boondocks 7 months ago

    I’m surprised the NRA never reached out to Huey.

  8. Vlad Taltos commented on Glenn McCoy 7 months ago

    The KKK couldn’t decide which one to trip.

  9. Vlad Taltos commented on The Boondocks 8 months ago

    And thus came the disclaimer labels: toy light saber will not actually slice little girls in half (though they might give them a headache and result in an encounter with your grandpa’s belt).

  10. Vlad Taltos commented on Matt Davies 8 months ago

    The great thing about this cartoon is that you can sub out “Religious Extremism” for any stance you don’t agree with, and it still works, because EVERYONE who doesn’t agree with you is dangerous and has a tiny tiny brain.