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The Flying McCoys by Glenn and Gary McCoy

The Flying McCoys

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  1. phil m commented on Off the Mark about 10 hours ago

    You got that backwards, Brian from Family Guy has human level intelligence, plus he speaks perfect English.

  2. phil m commented on B.C. about 10 hours ago

    I would have ordered the Pterodactyl eggs, scrambled, with a side of Brontosaurus links. Extra toast.

  3. phil m commented on The Flying McCoys 7 days ago

    I wouldn’t recommend the rake style pooper scooper to any dog owner. The springy tines can launch the droppings, better to use the blade type. In my own yard I use a pointed spade hand shovel. That along with a plastic bag inside a five gallon bucket w/ a lid makes collection pretty painless. Just toss the bag out with the trash every two weeks.

  4. phil m commented on The Duplex 7 days ago

    I’m so glad I got the program that filters out all news stories about the Kardashian’s from what I read. ;) Too bad this slipped through.

  5. phil m commented on Speed Bump 7 days ago

    Eww, this one makes me cringe.

  6. phil m commented on The Flying McCoys 8 days ago

    I think the bird used the Vulcan nerve pinch on him

  7. phil m commented on Moderately Confused 9 days ago

    Amazon Kindle auto correct drives me batty. You type in the right word, with the correct spelling, and it changes the word to something entirely different.

  8. phil m commented on B.C. 14 days ago

    Just how long is this rock and ’shroom boor fest going to continue?

  9. phil m commented on The Duplex 16 days ago

    Have we ever met Fangs parents? Do they come to visit?

  10. phil m commented on The Duplex 18 days ago

    Question #1, Is Ice Road Truckers coming back for another season. Question #2, Will hot Lisa be on it? Inquiring minds need to know.