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  1. Sportymonk commented on Luann 1 day ago

    I understand Gunther. He sees it as loosing part of his family. After my parents died I commented to my wife I had no family left. She looked at me and said I had her and the kids. Later after her parents died, she said she then understood.

  2. Sportymonk commented on Clay Jones 1 day ago

    I have not heard anything about his weight or height but the facts are (disallowing evidence of the robbery):
    - two men walking down the middle of the street and when the police ask/tell them to get out of the street, (most law abiding citizens wouldn’t be in the middle of the street and if they were they would get out of it when told by a police officer)
    - one attacks the police car.
    - man attacking police injures police officer.
    - gun goes off and attacker slightly wounded (thumb)
    - attacker flees and then turns and either walks/stumbles/runs (depending upon who you believe) toward the police officer.
    How much more does it take to constitute a threat?
    - Notice none of this involved race, strictly fact between two men.
    Sorry but my folks taught me to obey the law and the police, even if you disagree.

  3. Sportymonk commented on Working Daze 3 days ago

    I do! I remember the old ads. 98 lb weakling getting sand kicked on him at the beach until they sign up for the Charles Atlas program and get to push back.

  4. Sportymonk commented on For Better or For Worse 3 days ago

    You haven’t been kissed till you’ve been kissed by a beagle.

  5. Sportymonk commented on Pickles 3 days ago

    Finally did the research to figure out the characters better Sylvia is married to “Dan” Why don’t we ever see him? Nelson is Sylvia’s from a previous marriage? I just wonder why the background isn’t ever mentioned. http://syndication.washingtonpost.com/pickles

  6. Sportymonk commented on Frazz 3 days ago

    If Avi’s dad is Jewish, he didn’t “give up” Christmas (unless he is a Messianic Jew.

  7. Sportymonk commented on The Born Loser 4 days ago

    If you watch, many cartoons will run the same theme. There must be some sort of list they work from.

  8. Sportymonk commented on Luann 7 days ago

    Love Dennis Yoest and the Classic IV. What song was that? Took a date to Atlanta back around 73-74 and was going to impress her taking her to the hear Yoest and the Classics play. They came in a little late and as they came through the crowd, he looked over and said “Hi Teresa” to my date. She used to babysit for him! She thought it was funny but cute.

  9. Sportymonk commented on Drabble 12 days ago

    My problem is my wife cleans them before loading them so they all “look” clean. sighs.

  10. Sportymonk commented on Candorville 17 days ago

    They look pretty scary in the show “Sleepy Hollow”.