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  1. Sportymonk commented on Shoe about 15 hours ago

    ?? What is the “One” you refer to?

  2. Sportymonk commented on Luann about 15 hours ago

    Was this supposed to be funny or part of some different arc or what? Kind of like we had to have something for Monday.

  3. Sportymonk commented on Candorville about 15 hours ago

    Funny how TVs are getting bigger and better while people watch less and less. Like Murdoch Mysteries (Acorn TV), Foyle’s War, NCIS, Hawaii 5-0, Sleepy Hollow, and Person of Interest (but losing interest).
    What we need is some good shows like Red Skelton, clean for the whole family and funny. He used to get so tickled at some jokes, he could barely finish. Today is Reality Island, and things like Broke Girls that I would be embarrassed to watch with friends and family. (and I am not a prude).

  4. Sportymonk commented on Annie 3 days ago

    Yes I noticed the resemblance to Ted also.

  5. Sportymonk commented on Luann 5 days ago

    Love the bonus material!!

  6. Sportymonk commented on Working Daze 6 days ago

    Who would we have for Venus?

  7. Sportymonk commented on Reality Check 6 days ago

    What was wrong with the old regular incandescent bulbs?You didn’t have all sorts of warnings on them to not vacuum up the broken bulb (CFLs do due to the mercury!). Now instead of a 50 cent bulb that was fine, we have $5 – $10 bulbs that are environmental hazards.

  8. Sportymonk commented on Annie 10 days ago

    I hate the way they do just as the strip indicates, the main article is after some nit wit article and only announced as coming up after a bunch or other non news.

  9. Sportymonk commented on Calvin and Hobbes 10 days ago

    I know some people who talk twice as fast as they think.

  10. Sportymonk commented on Frazz 10 days ago

    @ Nabuquduriuzhur – What denominations “abandoned the Bible”? Just curious. Agree with house churches. Some really great ministries occur in small gatherings without the trappings of “organized church”. Far to many churches are dancing with the dinosaurs running programs that exist because"We’ve always done it." VBS is a prime example. In some churches it only brings in grand children and cousins of members who never come back yet is hailed a a “Great Outreach program.” Small churches don’t have the resources to devote to things that don’t work and tend to focus on things that work.