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  1. A_Dream4u commented on Robbie and Bobby about 16 hours ago

    That was Shoggoth trance music? Who knew?
    Break out the glow sticks!

  2. A_Dream4u commented on Endtown about 16 hours ago

    She finally got Holly’s name right!
    A daring last second escape, hopefully there isn’t anything unpleasant awaiting our heroes.
    There are fates far, far worse than fire!

  3. A_Dream4u commented on La Cucaracha about 17 hours ago


  4. A_Dream4u commented on Scary Gary about 17 hours ago

    Here we call them “Work Pants”..

  5. A_Dream4u commented on Super-Fun-Pak Comix 3 days ago

    Haw Haw!

  6. A_Dream4u commented on The Duplex 3 days ago

    Denial is very pleasant actually, especially with a view of the Pyramids.

  7. A_Dream4u commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 3 days ago

    So when our leaders take office the blood flow to the brain suddenly stops? This explains soooo much!

  8. A_Dream4u commented on La Cucaracha 3 days ago

    Last week I heard the “N-word” 1916 times…. At my job, and no, the radio wasn’t on. It was out of the mouths of the elementary through high school students as I get to overhear their conversations during lunch. I’ve been keeping count, yes.
    It’s up to parents to be a bigger influence on their kids than the loser rappers they idolize.
    When I went to school, it was a very bad word to use, it was used on the black students as well as myself. I got to get called names like “sand N-word” and other hurtful names.
    It is very hard to hear that word despite its alarming frequency, which only seems to be increasing.
    I hear it out of the mouths of children of all colors, but I hear it the most from the mouths of the girls.
    Which causes me the most dismay, Mothers, you should be ashamed for letting your little girls talk like street trash.
    There’s a whole industry geared to setting back all the progress that MLK lost his life for. Suddenly all men are pimps or gangsters and the girls are bitches or ho’s. The continued glorifying of this gutter culture, is only making our kids dumber and more racist.

  9. A_Dream4u commented on Ten Cats 4 days ago

    Until they learn to use a can opener, Annie may rule them.

  10. A_Dream4u commented on Breaking Cat News 5 days ago

    Bi-Monthly? More like 3 shows a night, more when Roy feels a need to harass Poodle Boo..