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  1. Adam Sherlock commented on Signe Wilkinson 4 months ago

    Perhaps he originally would not have belonged there, with his terrorist activities. However after the fall of apartheid he proved that he was a true statesman, and earned his place there.

    He could have gone the way of so many other African leaders and gone for retribution. He choose the way of reconciliation! Which makes him special!

  2. Adam Sherlock commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 6 months ago

    In the Netherlands there is a similar situation. Baarle-Hertog (Belgium) is intertwined within Baarle-Nassau (Netherlands.)

    There the houses have Nationality flags by the house number to indicate which country they are in.


  3. Adam Sherlock commented on HUBRIS! 7 months ago

    “Show it again or we sue” so sayeth the Liti-gators!

  4. Adam Sherlock commented on Working Daze 7 months ago

    Do not try that in Europe: Unfair Dismissal, it is a part of Employee protection.

    Something the US could & should learn. There are also enough safeguards for the employer to get rid of the person who should be let go. So everyone has some form of protection!

  5. Adam Sherlock commented on Rob Rogers 8 months ago

    Make your politician work – don’t re-elect them!

  6. Adam Sherlock commented on U.S. Acres 9 months ago

    There is intelligent life here, but I am only visiting!

  7. Adam Sherlock commented on Working Daze 9 months ago

    Voyager was more like TOS than any of ther others, DS9 had the most back story. You had to keep watching DS9 to understand the interactions between the characters.

    However with the exception of Enterprise they all had their good points. Enterprise would have been better, if it was outside the Trek Universe – like Andromeda. Its main problem was the advances in technology, meant it could not seem advanced, and keep within the TOS technology.

  8. Adam Sherlock commented on Jen Sorensen 9 months ago

    First it is an option – then it becomes a reality.

    This of course is nothing new. In the 18-19th Century Britain had a number of “Truck Systems” – see wikipedia! – in place. Frequently the employee was paid in company money, which could only be exchanged at the company store. Obviously the prices were in the companies advantage.

    Laws were enacted to stop this.

  9. Adam Sherlock commented on Working Daze 10 months ago

    If he has achieved a high score, then leave him be! If he is on a losing streak – take it away!

  10. Adam Sherlock commented on Working Daze 12 months ago

    The Commodore 64 was the first true home computer for the world. It was advanced for its time.

    The quantity and quality of games as well as serious programs available were amazing. The quality of the games especially in the latter days, in some ways can actually beat todays offerings.