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  1. Hunter7 commented on Rudy Park about 20 hours ago

    All Provinces pay GST. And if you have a provincial sales tax – you will pay HST which is a combination of the two. Except in BC. We voted out the HST. Still have provincial sales tax.
    now everyone that received their voters package remember to vote. Yes for increased taxes to be managed by an appointed, not elected board that don’t know squat. (and everytime Translink gets what it wants – service is reduced) or vote NO. Because we don’t trust them to managed our money properly. (and other things)

  2. Hunter7 commented on The Buckets 2 days ago

    What @K M said. Ambulance ride does not put you to the front of the line. Whether in USA or here in Canada. All patients are triaged.

    I just found out today that the busiest firehall in Canada is Station 2 – about a 20-25 minute walk from where I live. They service a four block area. Get over 600 calls a month. Usually averaging around 650. And they are ranked about 6th busiest in North America. Things you learn on the news.

  3. Hunter7 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 3 days ago

    Love that rear end in the air, tail twitching …. cat naps never interfere with the “OOMF!”

  4. Hunter7 commented on The Buckets 3 days ago

    … I think we ALL want to play…

  5. Hunter7 commented on Working Daze 3 days ago

    Jay is right. Rita is on to something. It could be the next Candy Crush……

  6. Hunter7 commented on Working Daze 3 days ago

    our nanny-bots at work don’t block words. They track words. And block every single social media site. No FB, Twitter, Instagram, Linkdin, Google + or any other social site.

  7. Hunter7 commented on Wizard of Id 3 days ago

    Yes. the GG (Girl Guides – Canada) are out selling cookies. Hanging out with their boxes in front of Chapters and half a block away, in front of the Art Gallery. … and I am not tempted. … Wrong sugar in the cookies.

  8. Hunter7 commented on The Other Coast 3 days ago

    … and remember don’t use poison to kill pest rodents (gophers, mice and such). Owls, eagles, falcons, hawks – they eat those nice plump mice. … do you want to have the police at your door asking why a protected or valued bird such as an eagle is dead on your doorstop?

  9. Hunter7 commented on Non Sequitur 3 days ago

    Of course! Its happened in the “Bearing” Sea. Where else would you find bears?

    I love Eddie’s stories. I always try to read them out loud – to get the full effect of Eddie’s accent.

  10. Hunter7 commented on Monty 3 days ago

    Better the TV than EB getting ‘buzzed’.