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  1. Hunter7 commented on Doonesbury about 1 hour ago

    I only know the Canadian law. Medicinal pot has lower thc and is legal. And of course you require a license to sell. Pay taxes. Pay EI prems. Pay CPP. And bank deposits (in all provinces and territories) would be legal. Because the funds are coming from a legal business.

    of course, selling anything other than licensed medical pot – for example – pot from a grow-op, is illegal. That is illegal. Federal law.

    anything in the USA – I must assume or rely on the accurate information (it is accurate, isn’t it?) from others that post here.

  2. Hunter7 commented on Wizard of Id about 11 hours ago

    There are those who gather in large crowds (ie sporting events and such) with the sole purpose of theft. If they have to start a riot to get what they want – they will.

    Then there are the metal thieves. Digging up cables and stealing the copper wire. Climbing poles and cutting into cables to steal copper wire. Breaking into electrical boxes to steal the copper wire. Getting electrocuted and not being able to reach 911. Because they cut into the cables and stole the copper wire.

    something about can’t cure stupid

  3. Hunter7 commented on Tank McNamara about 11 hours ago

    This sounds like a good recipe. But without the seeds. ;)

  4. Hunter7 commented on Monty about 11 hours ago

    I…. don’t know…. the red suit is distracting. Too much like the other guy’s suit. Maybe a nice suit of gravy and potatoes with dressing. yah…. that would work, but it would not be a story for the very young.

  5. Hunter7 commented on Maria's Day about 12 hours ago

    Lovely colours. A reclining leaf man works well. Leaf men never have to be standing. They make much more of a statement when in a prone position.

  6. Hunter7 commented on Get Fuzzy about 12 hours ago

    pfft! Does pinkish even have friends? (other than the two furballs?)

    sorry. I channeled Bucky for a moment.

  7. Hunter7 commented on Doonesbury about 12 hours ago

    pot sold for medicinal purposes does not have the same thc (or is it tch) levels as the stuff from grow-ops. And I suspect – the pot Legally sold in states that have legalized pot sales – have set limits on such things.

    So I guess Zonker and nephew are growing and selling the legal stuff.

  8. Hunter7 commented on Dog Eat Doug about 12 hours ago

    being short and with lots of padding – Doug will be able to drop and roll many times.

  9. Hunter7 commented on The Buckets about 12 hours ago

    Ran into Spiderman and Superman on my way to our City’s first Hallowe’en parade. Even super heroes need directions.

    I hear Dragon Con is a source for all things Babylon 5.

  10. Hunter7 commented on Adam@Home about 13 hours ago

    Congrats Doc! A mention in a strip is awesome.