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  1. Hunter7 commented on Tank McNamara about 13 hours ago

    Just be careful there Tank. …. and take a deep breathe in … and hold…. keep holding… haven’t finished with the photo shoot…. hold….. can you stop turning blue and hold a while longer?

  2. Hunter7 commented on Strange Brew about 13 hours ago

    His math skills were amazing – until he got Pi.

  3. Hunter7 commented on Rudy Park about 13 hours ago

    Get him another cake, but with only the one candle.

  4. Hunter7 commented on Monty about 13 hours ago

    Ewwww and gross! Forget the Purell – go for the rubbing alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide!

  5. Hunter7 commented on Get Fuzzy about 13 hours ago

    Not only did I notice the book. I noticed the title of the book that Bucky stands upon.

    Yellow P’s

  6. Hunter7 commented on Doonesbury about 13 hours ago

    For the last couple of decades, my goal has always been to be the same colour in late September as I was in early May. Never been successful. Always ended up with some ‘colour’, but never could call it a real tan.

  7. Hunter7 commented on Dog Eat Doug about 13 hours ago

    yeah, but the Beetle-bot got all the lovin’.

  8. Hunter7 commented on The Buckets about 14 hours ago

    November starts on Saturday. And today’s strip is a perfect time to bring up Mo-vember. Started in Australia. Now world wide. A chance for men to grow a ’tashe and raise some funds for the fight against prostate cancer.

    Go google it. And go for it!

  9. Hunter7 commented on Betty about 14 hours ago

    don’t need acronyms. Sit with the plate in front of you. Place a hand on either side of the plate. Now think what you want to use in each hand.

    sorry. I forgot a male pre-teen asked the question. No thinking permitted on this kind of stuff. Only on skateboards and such.

  10. Hunter7 commented on Adam@Home about 14 hours ago

    and then there’s Angry Beavers.