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  1. Hunter7 commented on The Duplex 6 minutes ago

    Should have caught it on your tongue….

  2. Hunter7 commented on Doonesbury 9 minutes ago

    Thank you. Had no idea who is Alex from Target.

    I prefer the grocery clerk that carried a blind customer’s groceries home.

  3. Hunter7 commented on Dog Eat Doug 25 minutes ago

    two Words
    Spinal Tap.

  4. Hunter7 commented on Betty 30 minutes ago

    So we are all in agreement? Bud’s exercise routine is amazing. And we all need his headphones and music.

    or he could sell this as an exercise routine on late night info commercials and make a bundle.

  5. Hunter7 commented on Agnes 35 minutes ago

    I like the scarf. I’m seeing…. interpretive dance in Agnes’ future?

  6. Hunter7 commented on Adam@Home about 1 hour ago

    Not all chipmunks are like Chip & Dale. Adam is wise to run.

  7. Hunter7 commented on The Buckets about 17 hours ago

    Eddie is six. Of course there is food on his shirt. And dirt. It was a clean shirt 5 minutes ago.

  8. Hunter7 commented on Maria's Day about 18 hours ago

    That’s almost as bad as dreaming there’s a spider in your bed.

  9. Hunter7 commented on Grand Avenue about 18 hours ago

    The thing about blue skies and sunshine in Vancouver – is that we can have a month of dark rainy days. No sign of the sun. And then one day that bright yellow orb shines. And we forget all about the dark rainy days.

    and Go Seahawks Go!

  10. Hunter7 commented on The Duplex about 18 hours ago

    I have had to phone my mom to tell her I sent an email. Then talk her through how to open the email.