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  1. Hunter7 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 1 day ago

    Happy Birthday Hubble!. Still going strong after 25 years.
    not bad for something that had a much shorter intended lifespan and needed ‘surgery’ for its myopic mirrors.
    Thanks for all the pretty pictures of ‘out there’. Got us dreaming.

  2. Hunter7 commented on The Buckets 1 day ago

    Sarah looks equally pleased with Eddie’s practice art work on the wall. sigh. I do hope that is not a permanent marker.
    Poor Eddie. Grounded for life.

  3. Hunter7 commented on B.C. 1 day ago

    Wasn’t BC to yell FORE! so that everyone could duck?

  4. Hunter7 commented on Tank McNamara 1 day ago

    Yes. Tank is good. A little rest and all’s good. Just remember to wear a helmet for all sports. You don’t know when the next knock on the head will be the one to push the brain over the line.

  5. Hunter7 commented on Reality Check 1 day ago

    Just wait for level 10. Over night sleep out. With no wireless.

  6. Hunter7 commented on Agnes 1 day ago

    agreed. The new food trucks – are fighting for prime corners. Very upscale. I hear Portland OR has some really great food trucks. Vancouver BC is following suit.

    I love Pig on the Street – no bologna wraps here. Bacon Chocolate Brownies. Bacon Cheese Sticks (soft dough and BIG). And the sandwiches are wraps – HUGE!

    City inspections and health regs reduce the roach coaches.br>

  7. Hunter7 commented on Adam@Home 1 day ago

    Clayton clued in. Good boy.
    I don’t see Nick – but the family is spending time together. Nice Sunday strip.

  8. Hunter7 commented on The Buckets 5 days ago

    Frank is doing the pulling of the leg and nudging of the ribs – without the nudging. That would hurt.

    I am not the only one at work that has spent an entire week on the wrong day. And most of the ones who did that… are about 30 years younger than me.

    had to do some quick math there…. I forget my age, mainly because I tell everyone I am much younger. And have been since the birthday that follows the 39th

  9. Hunter7 commented on Working Daze 5 days ago

    This is a big step for Rita. Recognizing the opposing players as real and not inanimate objects to be destroyed.

  10. Hunter7 commented on Monty 5 days ago

    All he had to do was pay the woman her fee. But then we would not have had these wonderful things happen to Monty.