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  1. PoodleGroomer commented on Last Kiss 1 day ago

    She starts with the flyswatter and saves the riding crop and spurs for later.

  2. PoodleGroomer commented on CowTown 1 day ago

    No. I saw bubbles coming up in the tub.

  3. PoodleGroomer commented on Bloom County 1 day ago

    Should have come a few years earlier. Could have had a shoot out with John Wayne.

  4. PoodleGroomer commented on The Bent Pinky 1 day ago

    Do you know what it’s like being a black cat on Halloween? I have to hide from nut case Wiccans, Fundamentalists, and sticky candy crazed children.
    I have reservations for a basket of clothes under the bed that night.

  5. PoodleGroomer commented on Basic Instructions 1 day ago

    If Jenkins has a girlfriend carrying his child it is proof that there is no recreation after recreational drugs.

  6. PoodleGroomer commented on Working Daze 1 day ago

    100% is the limit before you break something. I like to compare it to paper clips. If you only put in 3-4 pieces of paper they last forever. If you put in 30-40, they will hold, but are permanently deformed and won’t properly hold 3-4 afterwards.

  7. PoodleGroomer commented on Geech 2 days ago

    All mechanics keep the spares and working, but damaged, parts in a drawer for troubleshooting. You buy the new parts if it starts working with the spare.

  8. PoodleGroomer commented on HUBRIS! 2 days ago

    Exhaustion, overexertion, depleted electrolytes, and dehydration. You need a comfy chair, food, chips, beer, and a television to watch the World Series on.

  9. PoodleGroomer commented on Jump Start 2 days ago

    Listen to “Sweeney Todd”.
    “Hello my friends.”

  10. PoodleGroomer commented on PC and Pixel 3 days ago

    Sorry, It’s gaseous at STP.