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  1. AgentSmith101 commented on Glenn McCoy 16 days ago

    Proper measures aren’t being taken to contain a potential outbreak. Political Correctness is over for this. Finger pointing is also over!
    -Fund the CDC.
    -Get hospital staff trained
    -Get places ready to hold arrivals from infected West African nations in quarantine until after a 21 day waiting period.
    -Domestically, those who have been potentially exposed should be on NO FLY lists and halt travel until cleared.

  2. AgentSmith101 commented on Mike Luckovich 16 days ago

    He won’t get whacked. More than likely we’ll see another Great Schism, but in the other direction. The complaintants will go and form their own church ala Protestantism, but look more like Orthodox Christianity. Maybe they’ll skip a step and just join the Orthodox right off the bat.

  3. AgentSmith101 commented on Ben Sargent 16 days ago

    I’d be happy if once, while our lives depend on it, we could stop the blame and use a sane solution to the problem.
    The TSA checking temperatures at airports is band-aid considering anyone carrying might not show signs for at least 21 days. People coming from West African flights should be quarantined for that duration of time. I don’t care if it’s PC or not. It’s the best way we can assure someone isn’t infected. This isn’t like AIDS where the virus takes its time to kill you.

  4. AgentSmith101 commented on Ben Sargent 16 days ago

    You can consider and be concerned with the high virulent nature of Ebola without going full on conspiracy paranoid. Although I have seen the tinfoil hat blog posts.

  5. AgentSmith101 commented on Glenn McCoy 17 days ago

    Sadly, this is somewhat prophetic.

  6. AgentSmith101 commented on Ben Sargent 17 days ago

    When everyone falls into a hole in the dark do you blame the person falling or the person who dug the hole?

  7. AgentSmith101 commented on Jen Sorensen 18 days ago

    @Tue Elung-Jensen
    That’s what I thought too. Megacity 1 and Megacity 2

    Enforce the Economy? I AM the Economy!

  8. AgentSmith101 commented on Matt Bors 18 days ago

    Who’s up for bets on how long it will take until we realize the Iraqi army has no interest in taking on ISIL?

  9. AgentSmith101 commented on Mike Luckovich 18 days ago

    Yes, it is contagious. Beware.

  10. AgentSmith101 commented on Ted Rall 18 days ago

    There is another way. The time is right for a viable third party. I say this every once and awhile, but now it is time. A party that is available for Centrist candidates in local, state and federal elections. The only problem is finding candidates crazy enough to run in the horse race elections and convincing the center that a candidate can’t be all things to all people, but it’s better than two halves of the same whole mess.