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  1. colcam commented on Reality Check 15 days ago

    And here I thought Vegans ate Vegas, and that’s why you don’t see them on the road any more.

  2. colcam commented on Half Full 17 days ago

    There is a movie “Attack of the Vegan Zombies” available on DVD, but it seems it and the cartoon are not connected.

  3. colcam commented on Broom Hilda 18 days ago

    Any chance you can get us the link to yesterday’s unposted strip? Thanks—

  4. colcam commented on Luann Againn 18 days ago

    More than a few strips were not available Sunday, and the contact box refused submissions yesterday. Try it today.

  5. colcam commented on Clay Jones 22 days ago

    There is a bit more to that story than what you cited.

  6. colcam commented on Working It Out 27 days ago

    Considering the track records of the new breed of MBA— Burger Shack was taking a risk hiring him.

  7. colcam commented on Herman 28 days ago

    One of the times the cartoonist’s nationality drives the work. Picture this happening in the southern United States and the burglar facing a little old lady— and her twelve gauge shotgun.

  8. colcam commented on Wizard of Id about 1 month ago

    You have hit the problem, too.

    The scanner and method of storing the image is more important than the number of pixels when jumping from film to digital, and some “six megapixel” cameras deliver better results than eighteen megapixel fancy boxes sold to the inept.

    It almost goes back to the battle in the fifties, the battle between the high quality 35mm camera people and the 120 roll box camera people.

    We keep fighting the same wars, they just keep costing more each time.


  9. colcam commented on Birdbrains about 1 month ago

    Kamikaze Worm needs his headband!

  10. colcam commented on Reality Check about 1 month ago

    Remember— we had commercial airline service before we had sliced bread.