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  1. Raygun commented on Bloom County 4 days ago

    I resemble that remark!

  2. Raygun commented on Pooch Cafe 6 days ago

    Paul really gets into these story lines – love it! I wonder if this is the mailman that Poncho saved/abused several months back?

  3. Raygun commented on Pearls Before Swine 19 days ago

    It may be a little weird, but its not “Skin Horse” weird!

  4. Raygun commented on Pooch Cafe 22 days ago

    If you want weird go and read Skin Horse. It’s addictive weird.

  5. Raygun commented on Doonesbury 24 days ago

    It would have been funnier if he had said “Hippies don’t go near H2O” but that would have been over the heads of the anti-science conservative…

  6. Raygun commented on Bloom County 26 days ago

    Guns don’t kill people, penguins do.

  7. Raygun commented on Skin Horse 29 days ago

    Hopefully Shaenon will be back within several weeks and Skin Horse will be back to normal. HAHAHA!! “Normal” – I made a joke!!

  8. Raygun commented on Pooch Cafe about 1 month ago

    Pretty funny stuff Mr. Gilligan!

  9. Raygun commented on Doonesbury about 1 month ago

    Study proved that Fox News lies 50% of the time. Inquiring minds already knew this.

  10. Raygun commented on Skin Horse about 1 month ago

    This was on comics.com the other day;
    “Season 4 Recap
    by shaenon on June 27, 2014 at 12:01 am

    And that’s Season 4! I’m currently nine and a half months pregnant, so I’ll be taking a bit of a maternity break before starting the next season. But that doesn’t mean Monster of the Week will lie fallow! Keep an eye out for what should be a very cool bonus comic.”