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  1. DanReynolds GoComics Pro Member commented on Bound and Gagged about 11 hours ago


  2. DanReynolds GoComics Pro Member commented on Loose Parts 4 days ago

    Seems pretty straight forward and yet delicious, too.

  3. DanReynolds GoComics Pro Member commented on WuMo 5 days ago

    good one

  4. DanReynolds GoComics Pro Member commented on Half Full 5 days ago

    I did this many years ago…

  5. DanReynolds GoComics Pro Member commented on Perry Bible Fellowship 14 days ago

    @Terrence Stamp

    Sorry I annoy you.

    When did I ever say how great my comic was? Serious. Name ONE time I EVER said that. I didn’t think so.

    That comment says a lot about you.

    Any time I have ever said that I have done a cartoon that someone has recently done is for two reasons…
    1. It’s true.
    2. Because I always make the point afterwards THIS is why people need to use Google to test to see if an ideas has done before. Why do the same cartoon over again? It benefits NO ONE.

    markjoseph125: You miss the point I don’t need scientific proof. If you want to know God, you use Faith and reason.
    Science (and everything else, for that matter) is part of God’s creation. Science points to the Creator. BUt you must have Faith, too.

    If you don’t believe in God, be assured He believe in you.

  6. DanReynolds GoComics Pro Member commented on Perry Bible Fellowship 16 days ago


    God put a limit on the level of man’s intelligence. He set no limit , however, on the level of his stupidity..

  7. DanReynolds GoComics Pro Member commented on Inherit the Mirth 20 days ago


    Let me preface the following remarks by saying I really enjoy your cartoons and full-heartedly endorse your cartoon.

    Having said that, this cartoon totally misses the mark and is another example of Catholic bashing and helps enflame religious bigotry for those who are ignorant of the Catholic Church.

    This “dress” cartoon is just a repackaging of the criticisms some lay on Catholics about the use of gold, church buildings, or many other things some judge to be out of line with what they believe to be a misuse of wealth.

    Actually there is no law against “luxury goods” per-se. Greed YES, luxury NO.

    Realize ALSO, that in the Catholic mindset.. each Church is a temple.. similar to the Temple of the Israelites in Jerusalem. It houses an actual Tabernacle where God, literally is present.
    How ELSE should the house of God look? — like a warehouse or a converted movie theater?

    Secondly, there are bible verses that say we should always give our BEST to God and to treat Church leaders with appropriate honor and give them our BEST. That is not to say, at the same time, we shouldn’t give to the poor, visit the sick, cloth the hungry, etc. We absolutely should. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t at the same time “dress up” (be it wearing apparel or beautiful church buildings) for the sake of displaying our “Sunday best”, so to speak.

    Now. does God NEED this, some may ask? Of course, He doesn’t. Just like He doesn’t NEED our love. God is God and He IS Love and He is not lacking or in need of anything. He is sufficient unto Himself. WE are the one’s who need to do this! We give the best we can because WE need to.

    Thirdly, it is man’s natural tendency to beautify those things which are most precious to us. For Catholics this is our places of worship, since we believe that God is TRULY present there in physical form through the Eucharist.

    What we need to avoid is FALSE humility.. being “humble” so that people THINK we are holy. Many (like Atheists or even other Christian denominations) who like to use the argument "Those Catholics or Orthodox (or whatever religion) are wasting all that money on ornate dress, churches, whatever, are actually trying to imply THEY are holier and more upright because they don’t “waste” money on such things. They do so because they are not understanding. These same people might understand the reasons why they, as individuals, might go out and spend a fortune on their tux, wedding, reception, and honeymoon, and be okay with it, and yet they have a problem with us giving our best in honor of the God of Creation and the Universe. When you put things into perspective, the real hypocrites are those who try to justify their reasons why we should put on display the best we can do in celebration of our Almighty and Loving God.

    In truth and fact, giving our best in the wearing of elaborate religious vestments or in building of beautiful churches that reach to the Heavens does not REALLY diminish ANYONE’S ability to give to the poor, feed the sick, etc. THat’s a lie. In fact, the very presence of these things is an ever present visible example and reminder to people that the so-called invisible God IS visible, on an earthly level in the very human creations made by man’s hands and minds – hands and minds which are themselves gifts of God.

    Why attempt to measure our own “holiness” or righteousness based on what we judge is lacking in others. Your neighbor may be a terrible person, but that doesn’t make you a better person by comparing yourself to him or her.

    Fourth – If we can dress in fancy clothes..to a dance or a wedding or a formal occasion. And our holiness is not based on how we look.. then why can’t we ALSO dress for the occasion when it comes to Church. In this case.. the church itself, dressed appropriately to receive God and the Priests.. dressed appropriately to lead the congregation in worship.
    Again.. holiness is not based on how one dresses but on one’s faith and connection to God, but we should always give God our best.

    I return you to the words in my preface.

  8. DanReynolds GoComics Pro Member commented on The Wandering Melon 24 days ago

    I can’t read all that – I’m pitching a book.

  9. DanReynolds GoComics Pro Member commented on Strange Brew 24 days ago


  10. DanReynolds GoComics Pro Member commented on Free Range 24 days ago