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  1. Michael Farren commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn about 1 year ago

    Not all that surprising, since she’s not a horse. Unicorn!

  2. Michael Farren commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn about 1 year ago


  3. Michael Farren commented on The Big Picture about 1 year ago

    Of course she did. Ginger was a CAT.

  4. Michael Farren commented on Berger & Wyse about 1 year ago

    Raita is a condiment, but in the same way that salsa is a condiment – ingredients blended together to make the dish. For traditional raita, that would be yogurt and cucumber. For Listermint raita, who knows?

  5. Michael Farren commented on Baldo about 1 year ago

    Who says those aren’t Gracie’s kids?

  6. Michael Farren commented on Jane's World over 1 year ago

    In fact, there are. But what difference does that make? The strip is “Jane’s World”, it’s about Jane, who’s lesbian, and her friends, almost all of whom are gay as well – would you expect any different?

  7. Michael Farren commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn over 1 year ago

    A word on yesterday’s comic (which I didn’t see until just now, being at the midnight showing of Desolation of Smaug when it came out): I noticed that there’s a place to click labeled “Flag” at the bottom of each post. Seems to me there should be one labeled “Unicorn” down there, too.

  8. Michael Farren commented on Prickly City over 1 year ago

    You mean like my friend’s son, who died of lymphoma? Or another friend’s daughter, who nearly lost a leg from an unseen infection under her cast? No, they didn’t need insurance, I guess, they just could have died (well, he did) or lost a limb. I think the incompetent, corrupt, and evil person here is you, my friend.

  9. Michael Farren commented on Four Eyes over 1 year ago

    Kopi Luwak, the first one (eaten then excreted), should be avoided because it’s damned expensive, not because it’s bad or anything. $200/lb.!

  10. Michael Farren commented on Zen Pencils over 1 year ago

    Lemmings don’t normally jump off cliffs. They don’t even rarely jump off cliffs. Nature myth, possibly stated by Walt Disney in his film “White Wilderness”.