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  1. dook commented on Gasoline Alley about 1 month ago

    Thinking of Lac Megantic, Quebec, about a year ago. At least this locomotive appears to be on level ground and is not pulling a number of tankers containing hazardous Bakken crude from North Dakota.

  2. dook commented on Doonesbury 4 months ago

    Hey, USA- ’world cops", there are fights in Syria and in Ukraine and in the Central African Republic!! Go break them up, please!!!

  3. dook commented on Doonesbury 4 months ago

    “As Obama said during the 2012 campaign, “If I walked on water, conservatives would complain that I can’t swim.” That joke was already used in “Tricky Dick’s” days. The joke was that Nixon walked part way across the Potomac to his yacht “because he could not swim”. Different times, different presidents, different parties, same joke. Ecclesiastics 1:9 comes to mind.

  4. dook commented on Doonesbury 4 months ago

    Reminds me of Sir Humphrey Appleby in “Yes Minister”. One example: “Yes, yes, yes, I do see that there is a real dilemma here. In that, while it has been government policy to regard policy as a responsibility of Ministers and administration as a responsibility of Officials, the questions of administrative policy can cause confusion between the policy of administration and the administration of policy, especially when responsibility for the administration of the policy of administration conflicts, or overlaps with, responsibility for the policy of the administration of policy.”
    “It’s clear that the Committee has agreed that your new policy is really an excellent plan. But in view of some of the doubts being expressed, may I propose that I recall that after careful consideration, the considered view of the Committee was that, while they considered that the proposal met with broad approval in principle, that some of the principles were sufficiently fundamental in principle, and some of the considerations so complex and finely balanced in practice that in principle it was proposed that the sensible and prudent practice would be to submit the proposal for more detailed consideration, laying stress on the essential continuity of the new proposal with existing principles, the principle of the principal arguments which the proposal proposes and propounds for their approval. In principle. "(http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0030014/quotes)

  5. dook commented on Gasoline Alley 5 months ago

    Matthew 18:2-5 comes to mind (you could look it up)

  6. dook commented on Doonesbury 5 months ago

    Yikes, there is a lithium deposit not far from where I live!

  7. dook commented on Doonesbury 5 months ago

    How or why is this “demeaning”? I thought the comment about the “ancient Chinese secret” referred to the days when Chinese ran laundry services. When the customer asked why the laundry was so white, the answer was that it was an old Chinese secret. Am I missing something here?

  8. dook commented on Doonesbury 6 months ago

    The question is, is GT being paid for these reruns by the newspapers?

  9. dook commented on Gasoline Alley 6 months ago

    I had no idea where Galax, VA, is so I searched for it on Google Earth. The first ad that shows up is for a “Leading Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center”. Guess Joel and Rufus know where to go what with that ever-present jug o’ moonshine.

  10. dook commented on Gasoline Alley 6 months ago

    “guidable” or “gullible”?