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  1. Jnite commented on C'est la Vie 8 months ago

    They have good hearing?

  2. Jnite commented on Skin Horse 9 months ago

    I’m pretty certain though that drinking coffee is all that happened. I could understand why you would think that, but I don’t think that’s the case here.

  3. Jnite commented on Skin Horse 12 months ago

    I swear I would not have noticed that if you didn’t say anything.

  4. Jnite commented on C'est la Vie about 1 year ago

    I was going to mention this yesterday, but does anyone find it interesting that M. Smokey actually knows what Lucas did? I’m pretty certain at some point Smokey was said to be Mona’s imagination, so he shouldn’t actually know what Lucas did.
    So does this mean that Smokey is sentient but only Mona can talk to him, or that Mona has hidden camera’s scattered around so she can pretend that Smokey saw something she couldn’t have.
    Personally I’m going with the latter.

  5. Jnite commented on C'est la Vie over 1 year ago

    Depending on the sentence, I’ve seen them be used interchangeably. Some sentences it doesn’t work, but others it does.

  6. Jnite commented on Basic Instructions over 1 year ago

    I’m betting half the people telling him about it are doing it for this very reason.

  7. Jnite commented on W.T. Duck over 1 year ago

    I think he meant three, two, one. That or he is a really slow runner.

  8. Jnite commented on C'est la Vie over 1 year ago

    Maybe I’m weird but I’m kind of liking Mona’s hair like this.

  9. Jnite commented on The Norm Classics over 1 year ago

    I swear they acted married before they were married.

  10. Jnite commented on Zack Hill over 1 year ago

    I did it! I found the perfect card! It says exactly what I wanted to say and fits the mood perfectly.
    Looks at back of card
    I’ll keep looking.