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  1. davefrompaterson commented on Bad Reporter 12 days ago

    show it bigger. the fine print is too small for old farts like me

  2. davefrompaterson commented on Signe Wilkinson 12 days ago

    the republicans have been anti everything lately, except war and giving more privileges to the very very very rich.

  3. davefrompaterson commented on Gasoline Alley 15 days ago

    wait until they try to figure out a churchkey’s purpose. something religious people wore around their neck for good luck…

  4. davefrompaterson commented on Frazz 16 days ago

    not all bicyclists are bad. probably 95% give the rest a bad name. i live near fairfax california, where 98% give the rest a bad name.

  5. davefrompaterson commented on Ted Rall 30 days ago

    of course turkey, jordan and the saudis are not going to supply troops, or, if they do, the troops will just drop the weapons american taxpayers send them, and the islamists will just keep on going. erdogan is an islamist, too.

  6. davefrompaterson commented on Pat Oliphant 30 days ago

    bush didn’t cut my taxes. he only cut taxes for the top tier that sent him bags of money for the tax cut. my taxes never were cut.

  7. davefrompaterson commented on Non Sequitur 30 days ago

    and its name.

  8. davefrompaterson commented on Gasoline Alley 30 days ago

    god only created leukemia and malaria and spina bifida and polio to give the healthy kids a chance to feel lucky, so they grow up and put more of their hard earned salary into various collection plates so tax dodgers can have nice cars and homes and tv rackets.

  9. davefrompaterson commented on Herman about 1 month ago

    when he left the store, he passed two neurologists. one said, ‘did you see the degree of that guy’s spinal scoliosis?‘, and the other said, ’yeah, but look at that suit’.

  10. davefrompaterson commented on Drabble about 1 month ago

    apparently, she just married him for his nuts.