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  1. Jean commented on Ben 1 day ago

    you forgot the “but it’s not mine” or the “I didn’t put it there” phase.

  2. Jean commented on Arlo and Janis 1 day ago

    I had a similar issue a few weeks back and my husband told me to kill it, he got “THE” look and finally got out of bed to kill it…….. (difference was mine was a “water bug” roach in the shower…..ick, I hate those things.)

  3. Jean commented on Pickles 3 days ago

    this is the main reason why I NEVER use my CVS card, a total waste of paper, since I almost never ever buy anything there except my prescriptions and the coupons are not good for any discounts on those.

  4. Jean commented on Daddy's Home 3 days ago

    gonna be in the 80’s here today so I have on shorts.

  5. Jean commented on Pickles 4 days ago

    now that actually made me laugh out loud.

  6. Jean commented on Freshly Squeezed 4 days ago

    my husband sits in his office chair all day and plays games on his computer………..at home…………he retired in 2002.

  7. Jean commented on Daddy's Home 4 days ago

    you mean the 35 cents I found under the couch cushion yesterday? ummm I forgot where I put it.

  8. Jean commented on Stone Soup 6 days ago

    Also how old is she supposed to be?? I have a 12 year old grandson that has this same kind of strange logic. haha

  9. Jean commented on Stone Soup 6 days ago

    if she had actually done the work instead of trying to wrangle someone else to do the work, she would be finished by now and have all this free time.

  10. Jean commented on For Better or For Worse 6 days ago

    none of the leaves falling from my trees are green, they are yellow and red