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  1. Ceridwyn GoComics Pro Member commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 4 days ago

    I don’t how many people this will apply to here — I for one was in my late teens when the book came out, and even then I didn’t learn of it till much later. But I imagine that there are many who can appreciate the change in perspective that occurs when you first read a book as a child, and again as an adult:

    All the Things I Didn’t Get When I Read The Giver as a Kid

    I would also add that it’s not always a matter of a distinction between youthful and adult outlooks. Your perceptions can also change considerably within adulthood, as I have frequently found. As the author writes, “When you reread a book after many years, the words on the page may not have changed, but you have—rendering the book, in turn, something altogether new.” Indeed. And that’s true regardless of how many or few years have passed.

    But what really snagged my attention was a reference to an earlier article by a prissy moral uplifter who sought to shame adults who read children’s books — and there were plenty of readers did not take kindly to that author’s haughty condescension. Nor do I; imagine that you hear a Goatsucker-like growl. But it’s also an ideal illustration of the C.S. Lewis quote that I posted here last month, in which he spoke of those who are So Very Grown Up and remain obsessed with it, living in terror of being perceived as childish, even long after they become adults.

  2. Ceridwyn GoComics Pro Member commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 5 days ago

    It’s been now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t with that pic; it’s visible as I’m typing this. I suspect that it’s being wonky because it’s part of a slide show, though the pic will display even when you click on the blank space. But it probably would be a good idea to repost it.

    I really love that video, and always marvel at the variety of accents contained within a relatively small geographical space. I’ll bet one will find a similar variety Down Under as well, something I’ll have to look into when I have the chance.

  3. Ceridwyn GoComics Pro Member commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 5 days ago

    You just never know what references will turn up in LSoS, or where or when. I wasn’t even looking for any, just revisiting earlier pages as I often do, and when I looked at Twila’s binder it just popped out at me. Of course, that was one that no one could have known about at the time, except for Kory and Paul Gilligan, and others involved with Poptropica.

    Speaking of which, I recently discovered that, besides the Poptropica website and GoComics, the comic is also available on Funbrain. Currently, there’s 18 weeks worth of strips, and apparently it too is on hiatus, and expected to return sometime this fall.

  4. Ceridwyn GoComics Pro Member commented on Birdbrains 7 days ago

    There is indeed — and a very familiar face it is. Can you recognize it? Let’s just say that it’s a scream.

  5. Ceridwyn GoComics Pro Member commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 9 days ago

    Yesterday, I discovered yet another of those ‘previews of coming attractions’ that don’t reveal themselves until much later. You’ll find this one scrawled upon Twila’s binder. Besides Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid (noted by LittleCatFeet at the time), anyone who’s been following Poptropica will readily recognize Jorge and Oliver!

  6. Ceridwyn GoComics Pro Member commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 9 days ago

    If those kids were unsettled by Slyndy, you’d better believe that the WBG — any of them — has even greater creep-out potential. And Blyme would terrify them, depend on it, though he might also be the easiest to recreate, provided you get that gob right.

    When you get around to the video, I think you’ll find that, while all those accents may seem to blend into one another at times, when you hear a quick succession of them it becomes obvious how distinct they really are.

    Oh yes, the slogan — for how many weeks was it? No matter. But since you mentioned it, I will say that I can only be certain that the first half of that objective was achieved. Yes, it looked as if Flimm had been destroyed, but I’ve never been fully convinced that he is gone for good. Recall that Dr. Periwether said that perhaps he can never really die. If so, it’s very possible that he could return, maybe never again as formidable as he had been, yet still capable of causing significant trouble.

    And in light of that, with respect to the upcoming LSoS tales, I’m particularly intrigued by ‘The Story Thief’: “Age-old tales are no longer remembered the same way, and culture and society are at stake.” While it’s not quite the same premise as ‘The Bogey,’ it still involves altered memories… will this be a sequel of sorts?

  7. Ceridwyn GoComics Pro Member commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 11 days ago

    No plans for Halloween on my part, but would love to hear about (and hopefully see) what you come up with if you do concoct another LSoS costume. (I can imagine that Slynderfell was quite a challenge to replicate.)

    Even though I can get antsy during hiatuses, I have to admit that I enjoy having more leeway with regard to the variety of topics to discuss, which I don’t feel so free to do when LSoS is running. If anything, I’ve been a little disappointed that there hasn’t been more commentary, as there had been previously. And on my part as well; I’ve just been at a loss much of the time, and I’m not sure why. A sort of summer doldrums, maybe? Chissà.

    However, I have a little something that you’ll probably enjoy when you can catch another break. I had thought of posting it when you had mentioned Downton Abbey, particularly re the different dialects, but just never got around to it. If you’ve ever wondered where some of those accents come from, now you’ll know:

  8. Ceridwyn GoComics Pro Member commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 14 days ago

    Though I’d already been thinking about releasing another batch, seems I have a good reason now, given that I’m sensing dibbin-dots of desperation hereabouts. And since I got a pretty good reception on previous occasions, I figure, what the Helsinki. So, here is the latest scoop…

    Yes!! New flavors from Slynderfell’s, on the house, no coupon required, no expiration date:

    Babka Booey
    Besame Mochi
    Bosch Nosh B’gosh
    Charleston Chewbacca
    Double Fudge Flubdubbery
    Drive-By Fruiting
    Farblonjet Platinum Blondie
    Fluffernutter Kerfuffle
    Graham Gracklefetters
    Kismet Kildare’s Kahlua Kinesis
    Led Zeppole
    Mallomars Attacks!
    Manzanilla… Here I Go Again!
    May the Petit Fours Be With You
    Nutter Butter Flutterbudget
    Pagan Lee’s Lemon Penumbra
    Panna Cotta da Vida
    Root Beer Ragamuffler
    Satsuma Street
    Tarte Tatooine

  9. Ceridwyn GoComics Pro Member commented on Brevity 15 days ago

    Besides Calvin and Hobbes, also note Poncho (from Pooch Cafe) on the white vest.

  10. Ceridwyn GoComics Pro Member commented on Working Daze 16 days ago

    Just get some body.