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  1. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on The Buckets 2 days ago

    That’s a question that children ask frequently, perhaps more than any other. It’s one that many adults don’t ask often enough, assuming that they have nothing more to learn because they’re All Grown Up.

  2. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Working Daze 3 days ago

    Most, it appears, take in stride all the other weird and whimsical things that happen in this strip — yet, curiously, some take exception to Roy’s believing in Santa. Consistency, thou art a jewel.

  3. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Stone Soup 8 days ago

    I for one hate being pressured and pushed — about anything. So I reserve my deepest enmity for those zealots who continually ‘should’ on others. What’s more, along with the ‘shoulding’ is often a large component of shaming, which makes it even more disgusting.

    I for one hope that Val does not knuckle under and keep taking their ‘should.’ Best of all would be if she stood up and bellowed, SHOULD ON YOU!!!”

  4. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Stone Soup 12 days ago

    I wish there was a way to favorite comments, because the conformity-enforcers in all areas of life deserve to be smacked down good and hard.

    And lest anyone should be attempted to spit out some version of that cowardly dodge, “It’s only a cartoon!”, sorry, but that won’t settle. First of all, it’s an underhanded way of trying to shut down discussions that make them uncomfortable. Second, you can rest assured that those who purvey judgmental attitudes online do so offline as well… and vice versa.

    Finally, to those who are so quick to criticize other people’s choices: Can you truthfully say that you are happy with yours? Or are you just indulging in projection in order to avoid having to confront and deal with your own dissatisfaction?

  5. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Beardo 14 days ago

    This reminds me of when my mother used to say that if you want the bus to show up, light a cigarette. And that’s exactly what happened, because I saw it for myself! Almost supernatural, like the delivery man magically showing up when you’re in the shower, though I don’t recall ever experiencing it. Not to say that I’ve never missed a delivery for other reasons.

  6. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 16 days ago

    This is far longer than I intended to wait before posting a response, but I endured a number of ‘out of it’ episodes of my own, and they usually aren’t a result of specific triggers. They often just happen, and I try to deal with them as best as I can, though my best usually leaves a lot to be desired. And while what lies behind it might make for interesting reading, I’m not prepared to get that personal here. Besides being a matter of privacy, I also don’t wish to attract the attention of psychobabblers who would attempt to slap a pat, shallow, and generic ‘diagnosis’ upon me. I have very low tolerance for those who think that they’re insightful but actually don’t have a clue, and I would not deal gently with them.

    Anyway, I want to address, finally, something that you brought up a couple of months ago, and to which I had alluded at the end of my last message. But to rewind a bit:

    PUT ME DOWN AND JUST GO AWAY,” he pleaded, forgetting for a moment who had hold of whom; “AND PLEASE DON’T OPEN THAT BOX!”

    Yes, I know The Phantom Tollbooth very well. For those who love all kinds of wordplay, the story is one of the best playgrounds there is. And I also think it’s a classic example of Angus’s observation that “even silly things can carry a message.” I would say that of LSoS as well. And I think, too, that a message can strike even deeper not in spite of the silliness, but because of it — perhaps due to its delivery in a form that you don’t expect.

    So, after that lengthy prelude: You had referred to yourself as cautious, and yes, one can go too far with it, as the Gelatinous Giant demonstrates. But caution isn’t a bad thing, in the proper context and proportions. I see it as an acknowledgement of one’s own limitations, that you don’t (and can’t) know all; that someone else may know something that you don’t, or may see that which you do know in a way that you hadn’t considered; and that you understand it is not your place to decide what’s right for other people.

    But then there are those at the opposite extreme, with no sense of caution whatever, with a blind belief that there is one way, the way, with no conception of or tolerance for other ways, because that threatens them and their vision of what an ‘ideal’ world should be. Their attitude is: “This is my way, and it should be your way, too — whether you like it or not.” So they seek not to persuade but to impose their way upon others, because they are also power-mad, lusting to dominate and control those who are ‘lesser’ and ‘inferior’ — sound familiar?

    No, you don’t want to be a Gelatinous Giant. But neither do you want to be an Overbearing Know-It-All.

    Or a Flimm.

  7. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Zack Hill 19 days ago

    Once, back in eighth grade, preparing to take one of those aptitude tests, our teacher started giving instructions on how to fill out the forms (name, age, et. al.). When she came to the part about choosing male or female, she joked that if we weren’t sure, she would try to help us figure it out. And she really was joking then. Nowadays, such a statement might well be uttered in all seriousness. They say that there’s truth in jest, but sometimes jest can become truth!

  8. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Working Daze 19 days ago

    Though Rita has won out (did you expect otherwise?), Dana actually succeeded in making her think more — much more — than she ordinarily would have. Which may not be saying much, but still.

  9. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Raising Duncan 19 days ago

    I couldn’t find it in me to blame them one bit. Carpe cozy!

  10. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on PreTeena 19 days ago

    She’s probably too freaked out even to think about her usual allergies. But I really pity that poor, beleaguered pony; he’s barely budged, yet his passenger is acting as if he just threw her off.