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  1. route66paul commented on Stone Soup 4 months ago

    She goes the distance for a Booty Call.

  2. route66paul commented on Shoe 4 months ago

    I like Snotty Scotty and His Hankies

  3. route66paul commented on Pluggers 4 months ago

    not waking alive sounds worse.

  4. route66paul commented on Peanuts 4 months ago

    My wife tried to catch a small gosling so the kids could pet it. The male remembered her for a couple of years and would attack and chase her away.

    Damn, I wish there were cell phones with cameras back then

  5. route66paul commented on B.C. 4 months ago

    sets from 1910 will give you a whole different view of the world.

  6. route66paul commented on Wizard of Id 4 months ago

    They bid the job at a loss and engineer it so that there are many change orders(which are all “cost plus”)

  7. route66paul commented on Stone Soup 4 months ago

    3 things to remember
    1. poop flows downhill
    2. payday is on Fri
    3. don’t bite your fingernails.

  8. route66paul commented on Pluggers 4 months ago

    Hand shaking is a way to introduce germs to a person so that they can develop immunities. Staying away from germs, just makes the immune system all the weaker.

  9. route66paul commented on Pearls Before Swine 4 months ago

    “Oh, no, you di’int!” means, “please tell me that you did not really say/do that”

  10. route66paul commented on For Better or For Worse 4 months ago

    My parents were so cheap, that I had very few clothes. If they got torn or stained, I looked sloppy. I learned to put the clothes away and to wear them before they went into the laundry at 8 or 9 years old.