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Speechless by Len Borozinski


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  1. katohbg commented on The Other Coast 2 months ago

    You don’t want to know….it involves a tube and a vacuum.

  2. katohbg commented on Mike du Jour 3 months ago

    It’s not the same now that they are retired and replaying a mix of old shows. I stopped listening shortly after the change.

  3. katohbg commented on Working Daze 3 months ago

    Why does on the one on the left look like Tip O’Neil and the on on the like Mitt Romney. O’Neil was Speaker of the House in the late 70’s/early 80’s…and
    we all know who Romney is.

  4. katohbg commented on Free Range 5 months ago

    When you’re an ankle biter, it is always good to have options.

  5. katohbg commented on Pluggers 5 months ago

    Now I really feel old…..

  6. katohbg commented on Free Range 5 months ago

    Ok – So who is really flying the plane and where are we going?

  7. katohbg commented on Sunny Street 6 months ago


  8. katohbg commented on Speechless 6 months ago

    Can’t get any fresher.

  9. katohbg commented on Misc Soup 6 months ago

    Is this a scene from the new Star Wars? Gawd, I hope not!

  10. katohbg commented on Birdbrains 7 months ago

    The only draw back is that it will create a giant godzilla-like chicken…..