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  1. angelfiredragon commented on Wizard of Id 4 days ago

    Not necessarily, I am not allowed to claim my son but I provide more than half his support. In fact I provide nearly 100% of it by way of child support and direct cash but child support don’t count as support for me, but for my ex. She don’t need to work and live off child support and calls it supporting my son. So how exactly does one with zero income cover more than half a child’s support? messed up laws for sure.

  2. angelfiredragon commented on F Minus 5 days ago

    Profiling the oily sludge, that’s so bad.

  3. angelfiredragon commented on Close to Home 5 days ago

    if it is in the lease and you agreed to it, sucker…however if it was me I might just have a coffee table sitting right on top of it, on accident of course.

  4. angelfiredragon commented on Close to Home 6 days ago

    Amen to that, along with those who let their dog do its business on other peoples yards and don’t clean it up.

    I’ve stepped on it when I didn’t own a dog, didn’t realize it and tracked it in the house, thus had to pay a carpet cleaning company many times to clean it all because some owner didn’t clean up their dogs mess in my front yard.

  5. angelfiredragon commented on Close to Home about 1 month ago

    While this is just a comic and it is kind of funny that the ultra sound would show that, the sad truth is in many states if a couple is married, it doesn’t matter who the father is the legal husband will be the legal guardian and thus have to pay all the child support after the divorce.

    I am an example of that, found my ex wife cheated on me and the child was not mine, divorced her but since we were married I was forced to pay child support. $25,000 dollars in legal fees didn’t change any of that. State law here says the husband is always the legal guardian of the child regardless of if it is his child or not.

    This comic really did hit ‘close to home’ for me

  6. angelfiredragon commented on Pearls Before Swine 2 months ago

    I thought bee’s were more along the lines of insects, not animals…therefore its an insect product not animal. I also thought vegan think that the best alternative is to eat insects and stuff too?

  7. angelfiredragon commented on Close to Home 3 months ago

    yeah but being sued isn’t the end of the world, in fact I won a law suit and the other party immediately filed bankrupcy, so I collected exactly 0% of what I won…don’t assume just because someone wins you get money.

  8. angelfiredragon commented on F Minus 3 months ago

    Because they know you can’t complain at the moment.

  9. angelfiredragon commented on B.C. 3 months ago

    When people say it is a choice, must be for them but for the rest of us it certainly isn’t.

  10. angelfiredragon commented on B.C. 3 months ago

    As a driver of a larger vehicle, pass away just don’t get in front and slow down and that happens 90% of the time someone passes me. They just want to be in front because they can’t see around, in reality I want to go faster than they are but they speed up when I try to pass then slow down.