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  1. californicated1 commented on Rob Rogers 3 months ago

    …And the banners they all flew in the last war…

  2. californicated1 commented on Ted Rall 10 months ago

    Not quite. The Bush Administration did not want any trials of these people to begin with and were looking at folks like John Yoo out there at Boalt Hall at UC Berkeley Law School to furnish them whatever justification to deny them the Rule of Law, Jurisprudence either under International Treaties like the Hague and Geneva Conventions where the US was a signatory as well as well as deny these people the rights they would have had as POW’s that were taken prisoner during wartime.

    The Bush Administration did not want trials for the simple reason that they knew that any trial would bring out evidence, not only of how these people were treated while in American custody, but would also lead to questions of both why were we there in the first place and after all these years, why are we still there, especially after capturing and even killing Osama bin-Laden?

    Both the Bush Administration and even the Obama Administration nowadays know that if the real truth about Gitmo got out, just like it did for Abu Ghraib back in 2006, us Americans here at home would be asking questions about that and not only questioning our government and their authority to handle things like this, but also in the other ways that they govern us, especially out here in both Mountain and Pacific Time zones.

  3. californicated1 commented on Ted Rall 10 months ago

    You don’t kill off your POW’s or enemy combatants for the simple reason that the enemy will then retailiate by killing your brother, son, or neighbor if they were captured.

    Remember Iraq and the beheadings they used to send to Al-Jazeera, especially of that Wisconsin Truck-Driver who was on contract to the US Government?

    He was this curly-haired white kid whom his captors put on camera, had him speak his mid-western dialect and then beheaded him, grabbing that head by the hair and parading around their stage after they read off their accusations and made their demands.

    And that happened in the Summer of 2003.

    POWs, enemy combattants and the like can always be used as bargaining chips as long as they are alive.

    When they are dead, they are of no use to anybody and only their loved ones will care what happened to them and will miss them.

  4. californicated1 commented on Henry Payne almost 2 years ago

    Isn’t “racist gas” more flatus-based than petroleum-based?

  5. californicated1 commented on Steve Benson almost 2 years ago

    “Slips away into ‘Lame Duck’ session”?

    That happened to the Obama Administration the moment the news broke out that he was re-elected to a second term back in November 2012, just like it did to every second term presidency since the 22nd Amendment was ratified in 1951.

  6. californicated1 commented on The Born Loser almost 2 years ago

    And yet, another symptom of the “toxic boss syndrome” at work, here—make everybody else’s problems seem so insignificant because theirs are.

  7. californicated1 commented on Robert Ariail almost 2 years ago

    The story is not quite over here in Cacophonia—

    A Zonie Group has filed a petition with the Supreme Court demanding to have their voice heard on the issue over Proposition 8 and has demanded that the resumption of marriages that is taking place nowadays in some counties be stopped until the petition is heard.

    Regardless, the county clerks in the 58 counties that make up Cacophonia are proceeding on marrying any couple with a valid marriage license with the State Attorney General’s blessings, who in turn did the ceremonies to the couple that are the named plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

    We’ll see if the Supreme Court, or even the 9th Circuit even entertains what these people want in their petition, considering that about the only good thing that California enjoys coming from Arizona is Colorado River Water.

  8. californicated1 commented on Ziggy almost 2 years ago

    and @Grumley:

    Going to California is definitely a “bird-brained” idea.

    One is better off leaving it and even boycotting these days over what is happening out here.

  9. californicated1 commented on The Born Loser almost 2 years ago

    Typical “Toxic Boss” behavior is to try and intimidate subordinates by making them feel and look stupid.

    As for Brutus’ response, that should be deadpan, if not downright snarky against the “Toxic Boss”’ behavior.

  10. californicated1 commented on Tom Toles almost 2 years ago

    Where’s the seat for the Northern Alliance?

    Where are the seats for the local chieftains?

    Afghan politics is not this simple.