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  1. Gary Kleppe commented on Tom Toles 1 day ago

    Let’s have a Constitutional amendment overturning the Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions. Then let’s ban private campaign contributions and fund all elections with an equal amount of public money given to every qualified candidate. The Republicans, of course, will be very much in favor of this, since they claim that it’s the Democrats who are getting all of the campaign money. Right, guys? Guys? Hello? Are you there?

  2. Gary Kleppe commented on Jack Ohman 1 day ago

    The other woman should reply, “Of course not. Pharmaceutical corporations are benevolent, caring entities that always have our best interests at heart and would never, ever sell us products that we don’t need or that might have harmful effects. But that’s just MY personal belief.”

  3. Gary Kleppe commented on Tom Toles 1 day ago

    Who are the Supreme Court “justices” that ruled that money is speech? Republicans.

  4. Gary Kleppe commented on Kevin Kallaugher 3 days ago

    No, get rid of the ones who are actually causing the dysfunction. It takes a little work to determine who that is but that’s the only way you’ll actually improve things.

  5. Gary Kleppe commented on Stuart Carlson 5 days ago

    Driving is a privilege. It’s entirely appropriate to limit it to people who’ve demonstrated the necessary skills. And of course, unqualified drivers are a real and demonstrable problem that cause real damage.

    Voter fraud isn’t a real problem. Voter ID requirements don’t deter any fraudulent voters, but they do deter plenty of legitimate ones. Those deterred voters are generally poor and minorities, which of course is why you don’t see a problem.

  6. Gary Kleppe commented on Stuart Carlson 5 days ago

    I wasn’t born in Hawaii. (No, I don’t actually look like my icon.) And no, it’s to deter legal voters who might not be willing or able to spend the time and money to prove it. Every study, even the ones done by Republicans, has concluded that in-person voter fraud doesn’t occur in anything like the numbers it would take to swing an election, but ID requirements will deter lots of legitimate voters. Which of course is the whole point.

  7. Gary Kleppe commented on Stuart Carlson 6 days ago

    NIce try, but there are other minorities besides African-Americans. DuPage is about 70% non-Hispanic whites but they make up 100% of the county board. Cook is only 44% non-Hispanic whites. While Cook has a ways to go, it’s clearly far ahead of DuPage.

    None of this, of course, changes the fact that it’s the Republican Party that’s been pushing voter ID laws and other policies aimed at deterring minorities from voting.

  8. Gary Kleppe commented on Stuart Carlson 7 days ago

    Someone who probably doesn’t understand the meaning of “on average.”

  9. Gary Kleppe commented on John Deering 8 days ago

    Gotta disagree with you here. The (other) criminals may indeed be equally or more violent than the bad cops, but the latter are the ones who we’ve put into a position of trust and authority in our society. By analogy, a mugger might hit you harder than a physically abusive spouse, but the latter would still be by far the greater problem.

  10. Gary Kleppe commented on Stuart Carlson 8 days ago

    Not that Chicago is indicative of the entire Democratic Party, but African-American candidates do better on average there than in Republican strongholds like rural Mississippi, or even DuPage County which is about 30 miles west of Chicago. Both DuPage and Cook have 18-member boards but Cook’s has something like seven persons of color where DuPage’s has zero.