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  1. Gary Kleppe commented on Stuart Carlson about 2 hours ago

    Yes, had this been Bush he would’ve repeated the same information even after it had been repeatedly proved false.

  2. Gary Kleppe commented on Tom Toles about 2 hours ago

    It would be much simpler to eliminate private insurance and make health care a public service. Extend Medicare, which no court has a problem with, to cover in full all medically necessary services for everyone in the country.

  3. Gary Kleppe commented on Jack Ohman 2 days ago

    And our government wouldn’t lie about a thing like that, would it? Let’s see this intel, or at least have it verified by a neutral, disinterested third party.

  4. Gary Kleppe commented on Jack Ohman 2 days ago

    Certainly they don’t if you’ve already made up your mind before the investigation’s started.

  5. Gary Kleppe commented on Walt Handelsman 2 days ago

    And whatever you do, don’t mention where most of those weapons came from.

  6. Gary Kleppe commented on Joel Pett 9 days ago

    “You mean the guy that has been having his hand slapped by the supreme court?”

    You mean by the most partisan court ever? (Remember the court in ’00 that unilaterally declared the Republican the winner of the Presidential election and declared that it would be a violation of his rights to keep counting the votes against him, and realize that the current court is even more partisan Republican than that one was.)

    “[The ACA] probably bears a little responsibility for the continuing slide in the workforce participation rate.”

    If employees have other options and aren’t forced to be dependent on their employers for health care, this is a good thing for both employees and employers.

    “When your first instinct is to shift blame when none was placed, that kinda stinks.”

    Yeah right, chuckles. Certainly the Republicans and their Fox “News” shills aren’t blaming the Obama administration for Benghazi. Thanks for being funnier than most of the cartoons on this site.

    “Obama removed Clinton’s requirement for those on public assistance to work and then he proceeded to recruit more and more people to be dependent on govt.”

    Yeah, governments who think they can control people by luring them into dependency are annoying to big business interests who were doing it first.

  7. Gary Kleppe commented on Joel Pett 10 days ago

    Why should they make it legal? Right now they’re in the best possible situation. They can keep using all of that stuff themselves but if anyone else does it they can make a big deal over it being illegal. It’s the same thing they do with torture, not to mention going into other countries without permission.

  8. Gary Kleppe commented on Joel Pett 10 days ago

    We already did “fix” Central America. That’s why those kids can’t survive in their home countries.

  9. Gary Kleppe commented on Mike Luckovich 14 days ago

    I don’t see the problem. Anyone who wants to emigrate to the USA should just mention that Jesus ordered him to come. According to recent court decisions, following a religion means not having to follow the law.

    Oh, wait. These are people we’re talking about, not corporations. My mistake.

  10. Gary Kleppe commented on Mike Luckovich 14 days ago

    Facts have a clear and documented liberal bias.