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  1. Gary Kleppe commented on John Deering 10 days ago

    Remember, kids, any cartoon that insults an official enemy of the state is automatically clever and funny.

  2. Gary Kleppe commented on Tom Toles 11 days ago

    But the purely privatized system that the Republicans would like to take us back to is even more unstable. The only sustainable system for health care would be to eliminate private insurance and make it a public service, like the fire department, available to everyone who needs it and paid for by public money (it would cost less than we’re spending now). Just about every other country has figured this out, including those bastions of socialism Singapore and Taiwan.

  3. Gary Kleppe commented on Stuart Carlson 14 days ago

    If global warming is real and man-made, then a lot of profiteering corporations are responsible for it. Therefore it can’t be real, because the central tenet of wingnuttism is that the rich and powerful are never, ever responsible for anything.

  4. Gary Kleppe commented on Ted Rall 18 days ago

    If there were a better alternative they might vote for it. Your party isn’t it. The Republicans caused the recession and have fought tooth and nail against even Obama’s meager attempts to counter it.

  5. Gary Kleppe commented on Jeff Danziger 19 days ago

    Funny you should mention that. In 1949 there was a moderate democratic government in Syria. It was overthrown in a coup that many in the know say was orchestrated by the CIA. This plunged the country into a bloody turmoil from which it never really recovered.

  6. Gary Kleppe commented on Ted Rall 19 days ago

    Please cite anything I’ve done to increase Soros’ net worth, chuckles. Yes, I’ll wait.

  7. Gary Kleppe commented on Joel Pett 19 days ago

    Moral equivalency: The radical notion that things that are wrong when the other side do them are also wrong when your side does them.

  8. Gary Kleppe commented on Ted Rall 20 days ago

    “Why can’t we just be the honorable opposition?” Because very, very few people in positions of authority within your party have ever displayed any honor, and the Kochs and their useful teabagger idiots are in the process of getting rid of them.

  9. Gary Kleppe commented on Jeff Danziger 20 days ago

    We don’t really have to choose, of course. No doubt we’ll be supplying arms to both sides.

  10. Gary Kleppe commented on John Deering 24 days ago

    Which values would those be? The ones we profess, or the ones we practice?