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  1. phlash commented on Andy Capp 1 day ago

    It was tough being the only Yorkshire kid in the Baltimore School system. In 3rd grade, I got jabbed between the shoulderblades. When the melee was over and we’re before the Principal, we were asked “Who started it?”

    “’e did! ’e hit me back!”

  2. phlash commented on Luann 8 days ago

    The point being missed here seems to be that Tiff is no longer the over-competitive HS jerk…

  3. phlash commented on Pearls Before Swine 9 days ago

    At least is wasn’t a Monty Python member. I totally wouldn’t put it past Pastis to throw us a Palin Drone

  4. phlash commented on Fred Basset 9 days ago

    and you’re about to make a dog’s breakfast of it!

  5. phlash commented on Jump Start 12 days ago

    They walked past without shaking him down…

  6. phlash commented on Jump Start 13 days ago

    I guess they managed to do a buy-back after their acquisition last season…

  7. phlash commented on Pearls Before Swine 27 days ago

    Not as bad as the guy who decided to test his ‘Fountain of Youth’ potion on sea mammals but needed a specific ingredient that could only be found in the abandoned mines of W.Va. He found a guy who could excavate it, but while taking him there, was arrested for….

    Transporting a miner across state lines for immortal porpoises.

  8. phlash commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 1 month ago

    There was no “ZIP-!”

  9. phlash commented on Trivquiz about 1 month ago

    The original fandom fought the label “Trekkie”. Once ST:TNG toys hit the shelves, that fight ended. Sulu and Uhura were never named in the series and, in fandom, Sulu was Walter, Hikaru or sometimes both; Uhura was Penda or Nyota or both.

  10. phlash commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    The difference between tragedy and comedy is all in the timing