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  1. treesareus commented on Herman about 3 hours ago

    Mammoths were very valuable. Their 4’ long hair was made into lots of useful products. Their bones were used to make shelters. Plus all that meat and hide. It was really worth the risk and the several days it took to kill one.

  2. treesareus commented on Frazz about 3 hours ago

    “If you want to know why a study turned out the way it did, find out who financed that study.” Statistics Professor Olson, Oregon State U.

  3. treesareus commented on Frazz about 3 hours ago

    My favorite study is the Saccharin in the 1960s. Lab rats got cancer when fed it in amounts equal to consuming 800 cans of soda a day. A person would die early on in the first day from too much liquid.

  4. treesareus commented on The Flying McCoys about 3 hours ago

    Dr. Ron Kristensen of Boise, ID left 4 pieces of bone cement in my total knee replacement. The biggest one is almost 1″×1/2″×3/8" then denied it for 5 years. Lots of pain until it was removed. Foreign objects do not belong in the body.

  5. treesareus commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 3 hours ago

    The EPA will be after Calvin. No baths, just showers that last less than 5 minutes! Would the Founding Fathers approve of the US Government making bathroom rules? I think not.

  6. treesareus commented on Soup to Nutz 3 days ago

    Manatees look pretty good compared to what can be seen at Wal-Mart.

  7. treesareus commented on Drabble 3 days ago

    Reminds me of the Obamas at a funeral a while back.

  8. treesareus commented on The Flying McCoys 3 days ago

    It has been that way in beauty parlors for years.

  9. treesareus commented on Frank & Ernest 3 days ago

    Most people don’t know what an oligarchy is even though everyone in the USA lives in one.

  10. treesareus commented on Frank & Ernest 3 days ago

    Deportation amounts are similar to “cutting the deficit”…once they get so big, the numbers can be “cut” (or deported) and still have lots more illegal aliens or bigger deficits than ever before.

    It is like the old Soviet Union basketball game joke. The USA beat the Soviets and it was reported that the Soviets came in second and the USA came in next to last.