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Half Full

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  1. SuperMax52 commented on Angry Little Girls 1 day ago

    Your defamation of the Left’s Political Correctness is appreciated.

  2. SuperMax52 commented on Ted Rall 2 days ago

    That’s the Socialist agenda being pushed by the Democrats, elimination of the middle class – that’s what Socialism is all about.

  3. SuperMax52 commented on Brian McFadden 2 days ago

    Americans are so ignorant of the REAL world.

  4. SuperMax52 commented on Mike Luckovich 2 days ago

    THIS is what American News thinks is the MOST IMPORTANT story of the day. Smoke and Mirrors people, smoke and mirrors.

  5. SuperMax52 commented on Steve Benson 4 days ago

    It started in Communist California, where a lot of wrong-headed ideas come from.

  6. SuperMax52 commented on Ken Catalino 6 days ago


  7. SuperMax52 commented on Steve Breen 7 days ago

    We all should be happy that THIS is the most important happening in the world.

  8. SuperMax52 commented on Lisa Benson 7 days ago

    Move on.

  9. SuperMax52 commented on Mike Luckovich 7 days ago

    The first 8 minutes of the national news was devoted to this. Is America that screwed up? Smoke and mirrors for the US media. Everyone PLEASE read news from outside the US. You will be shocked at the level of nonsense and propaganda that we endure here daily in our controlled press.

  10. SuperMax52 commented on Clay Jones 10 days ago

    Socialist Propaganda