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  1. tototu commented on Obama and the Fatman 8 days ago


  2. tototu commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 9 days ago

    Well I think this is a croc

  3. tototu commented on Bad Reporter 15 days ago

    Used to think progressive like you until I actually took the time to research the AWOL charge with Bush. If you follow all the links or dig deeper into charges of misbehavior, you tend to find it is THE progressive playbook. It’s done on both sides of the aisle, but in the Progressive community, the building of lies and obfuscations are an art form and ubiquitous. The crime of it all is that people take this crepe at face value.. The progressives know it and use it.
    I encourage readers to follow your link and continue on to find the root of the claim on the first item on the agenda. Once you discover the building of a lie, you won’t go any further.
    Quite frankly, mshefler, you would be a birther if Obama wasn’t carrying your water.

  4. tototu commented on Bad Reporter 16 days ago

    Wright on

  5. tototu commented on Bad Reporter 18 days ago

    How do I lose an argument ? Godwin’s applies here. As for ad homs, you crossed that line with “five Catholic men decided…” To top it off you put links in your bunchedpanty rant assuming or inferring I don’t know what is being said in discussion. Love your moral and intellectual high ground…
    Like I said, take your meds and ask your therapist for a mirror…

  6. tototu commented on Bad Reporter 21 days ago

    Like I said. Take your meds and see your therapist.. And I don’t want to see any more sieg heils from you.

  7. tototu commented on Bad Reporter 22 days ago

    Gosh, you just got to make up all these definitions, facts, and stats… I’m impressed.
    Relax and take your meds.

  8. tototu commented on Bad Reporter 27 days ago

    What the hell are you smoking?

  9. tototu commented on Bad Reporter 27 days ago

    1 Certain forms are. Aborting or killing a fertilized egg is not the same as contraception.
    2. Abortion is pandemic. It’s encouraged in this country as well. And your point is???
    3. See # 2
    This borders on absurd. Twisted logic. First. EVERYBODY has a religion, including atheism. Who said a woman can’t live her life as she pleases? Where was that in the ruling? The government has mandated that you as a boss must provide a service at your cost as part of the contract to employ another. This ruling limits the mandate in a very narrow and specific way. In particular, this Supremes ruling safeguards the religious Constitutional right of the employer without abrogating any Constitutional right of the employee.
    But why does the government, outside of ensuring a safe workplace and mandating work related issues, compel an employer to provide goods and services under government purview? When did the employer become an agency of the State?
    Lastly, Check it out. WE are the modern world. We changed this planet for the better and for the worse. Universal health care isn’t a bad idea, but making the employment community serflike administrators of it and compelling everyone to purchase it is antithetical to our Constitution. Why aren’t employers mandated to administer schools and childcare?
    And your last specious comment. Mankind is a blight on mankind?. I’m OK with contraception, but killing the spawn doesn’t add up to contraception. Those are two different issues.

  10. tototu commented on Bad Reporter 28 days ago

    Why must an employer pay for birth control or health care? I keep reading this dang Constitution and can’t see it.
    But hey, that wasn’t the point. Hobby Lobby’s complaint was having to pay for infanticide. Somehow they found that morally objectionable and the Supremes said it was OK to feel that way.
    It’s a BLACK DAY in ’merica.