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The Elderberries by Corey Pandolph and Phil Frank and Joe Troise

The Elderberries

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  1. BaconBoyCamper commented on Speechless 10 days ago

    Now, Santa is on HIS OWN naughty list!
    Thanks for the extra treat today.

  2. BaconBoyCamper commented on Ten Cats 11 days ago

    It’s on the Sherpa Section.

  3. BaconBoyCamper commented on The Elderberries 11 days ago

    For my circumstances, it’s just like the song:
    " Just Me and my Shadow…"

  4. BaconBoyCamper commented on Speechless 16 days ago

    We say our final “Goodbyes” this Saterday for a friend.
    Thanks, Len, for the reminder.

  5. BaconBoyCamper commented on Ten Cats 19 days ago

    Stamps, Dear, all the way.

  6. BaconBoyCamper commented on Strange Brew 19 days ago

    Right, you are!

  7. BaconBoyCamper commented on Dark Side of the Horse 20 days ago

    Well, your Friday strip DID SAY that DSOTH would be back on Sunday…

  8. BaconBoyCamper commented on Speechless 21 days ago

    She was hoping to be on “The Price is Right” with Monty Hall…

  9. BaconBoyCamper commented on Speechless 30 days ago

    I prefer the captioned/text one myself.
    All of your submissions are greatly appreciated, Len.
    Keep up the fantastic work, our spirits soar with you.

  10. BaconBoyCamper commented on Speechless about 1 month ago

    Hi Len,
    Just want to say that you will be missed on T-T-S, but, I, like everyone else here at your wonderful strip, will appreciate it more on the other 3 days!
    Your stories-in-pictorial form is very, nay, extremely, good, and it is difficult to understand that you haven’t been “picked-up” somewhere in addition to here. But, like many have said previously, bills neeed to be paid; a man has to eat.
    Thanks from those of us who certainly appreciate your humor and your insights.
    Carry on, Fair Prince, carry on…
    Deep Peace.