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  1. Flight Suit commented on Dick Tracy 2 months ago

    You seem to be confused, friend. At what point did I make “the effort at censoring apposing [SIC] views”?

    Pointing out that somebody is dead wrong does not constitute censoring them.

  2. Flight Suit commented on Dick Tracy 2 months ago

    Message to all the climate change deniers who went on tirades on Sunday night:

    You people really need to stop mentioning Al Gore, because he has nothing to do with this issue. If he had never been born, we would still be having this exact, same conversation, because human-caused global warming would still be very real.

    The overwhelming majority of climate scientists agree on this point. They are more sure about climate change than medical science is about the link between cigarettes and cancer.

    Y’all need to get your brains out of your hindquarters.

    PS: Even if you were right about climate change (and you aren’t), we still have the enormous problem of ocean acidification. That by itself is reason enough to reduce carbon emissions, because we are now on the precipice of a major sea life extinction event.

    Quick, run and find some crap on some right-wing blogs explaining why ocean acidification doesn’t matter!

    You’re so predictable.

  3. Flight Suit commented on Dick Tracy 3 months ago

    @fhofmann, like all climate change deniers, you are cherry picking data in order to support a lie. That’s very sad.

    Really though, I very much doubt that anybody actually takes any of the advice in Crimestopper’s Textbook seriously. That feature should have been eliminated from the comic a long time ago in order to make room for more storytelling.

  4. Flight Suit commented on Dick Tracy 3 months ago

    In an age where sea level rise caused by global warming is accelerating dramatically (experts say California must prepare for 3 feet of sea level rise in this century), it is rather clueless and irresponsible for today’s Crimestopper’s Textbook to encourage people to leave extra lights on all night long. We should be reducing carbon emissions, not increasing them.

  5. Flight Suit commented on Frog Applause 3 months ago

    Barticle just alerted me to this splendid turn of events. Holy mackerel! Welcome back Teresa. I hope you post a new e-mail address soon so I can update you on all the things I’ve been doing. You’ll be so proud of me when I tell you.

  6. Flight Suit commented on Dick Tracy 4 months ago

    Super cool! My father exposed me to Lum and Abner when I was a child growing up in the 1970s. They used to broadcast it here in the Bay Area on KSFO 560AM, which was an old timey radio station at the time.

    Now I learn there’s a Web site and a current comic strip? Yay!

  7. Flight Suit commented on Dick Tracy 5 months ago

    She won’t see his e-mail until after he gets himself into some serious trouble.

  8. Flight Suit commented on Dick Tracy 6 months ago

    Angus’s behavior has made no sense since he arrived at the station. Why is he assaulting people and pulling his gun and whatnot? He didn’t even know the cops were onto him, did he?

  9. Flight Suit commented on Dick Tracy 6 months ago

    I like the anachronistic, boxy police car.

  10. Flight Suit commented on The Conjurers 7 months ago

    Yay, another installment! Keep ‘em comin’, please!