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  1. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Michael Ramirez about 12 hours ago

    SWR: U.S.S. Liberty represents why LOTS of folks need to worry about Israel having nukes. (and yes, the Liberty WAS an act of war against the U.S.)

  2. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Glenn McCoy about 12 hours ago

    ^The value of that AUM is now $15- $18/AUM if grazing private lands of equivalent value. The acres per cow figure applies to quite a bit of Arizona on the Sonora, as well as parts of Nevada and Calif.. BTW, less than 10% of beef in the U.S. is grazed on public lands in the west. Florida produces more than several western states combined, as does Iowa. Preserving desert lands for desert natural sources IS more valuable in the long run of biodiversity than grazing. The solar projects also represent a new hazard, as do efforts to take water from critical aquifers beneath the Mojave.

  3. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Walt Handelsman about 22 hours ago

    ^THREE Christians. In a country with too many “mad men” and women, going crazy on a regular basis over presumed, and false, propaganda from the lunatic fringe (mostly, but not entirely “right wing” lately) the press hasn’t helped much. Facts aren’t a requirement for lunatics, whether in “hate groups”, Congress, or getting elected at state and local levels. Sometimes the most dangerous, aren’t out on the streets.

  4. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Matt Bors about 22 hours ago

    Joseph: don’t forget it was Neil Bush at Silverado and the Keating scam who took big (huge) bucks away, and paid only a $70,000 fine.

  5. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Steve Benson about 22 hours ago

    Actually, he understates the “TEA party” rhetoric and fears.

  6. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Darrin Bell about 22 hours ago

    Jack, maybe look up the historic photos of Mary Sarat and her “gang” on the gibbet after her part, or not, in the Lincoln assassination. We’ve just done away with public executions, making them “private”, or just calling them our most recent "wars on "…

  7. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Tony Auth about 22 hours ago

    Maybe we should act on Puerto Rico, or take back the Philippines, or maybe just take our thumbs out of Iraq and Afghanistan?

  8. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Nick Anderson about 23 hours ago

    Just defining bigotry, from whites, blacks, left/right who are the extreme fringes of societies, morality, or intelligence. The key requirement for the other factors is of course, ignorance.

  9. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Lalo Alcaraz about 23 hours ago

    A thief who should have been in jail some 20 years ago for violating the law, and ripping off the U.S. Taxpayers, yes YOU, by stealing taxpayer owned natural resources. (While overgrazing and damaging YOUR (not his) lands.) Nevada refused to accept over 90% of the lands they were offered when entering the Union, they can’t be “given back” what was NEVER THEIRS! All the anti-government folks need to take better aim at Bundy and his brigade of clown supporters, not the government agency. (Except for letting him get away with it far too long!)

  10. dtroutma GoComics Pro Member commented on Matt Wuerker about 23 hours ago

    The vast majority of the tax codes are EXEMPTIONS, mostly corporate, rich, or “connected” parties. One of the funniest I read was the convolutions to get the owner of a dry cleaning establishment a tax dodge. It got so detailed in making it apply to only one individual in the world, the Congressman writing it almost got down to counting how many hairs in the guy’s mustache.

    Nobody loves paying taxes, but may I remind the chickenhawks who keep giving slight of hand compliments to our military folks that indeed, freedom isn’t free, and neither are highways, or bombs.