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  1. Tomas Texino GoComics Pro Member commented on Gasoline Alley 4 months ago

    “…For we cannot help agreeing that no living human being
    Ever yet was blest with seeing bird above his chamber door—…” -Poe

  2. Tomas Texino GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 12 months ago

    Got a message here folks: “Don’t take the green acid!”

    Also, Sweet Pea wears a sort of “bag” and crawls about.

    Thanks, T Texino

  3. Tomas Texino GoComics Pro Member commented on Nancy about 1 year ago

    If Phil & Fritzi get together, the plot may twist to the point that Nancy and Sluggo will morph into normal scale and appearance. Of course, Fritzi’s (a dog’s name,btw) reticence
    to marry Fumble could be due to the fact she carries the ‘Nancy’ gene and fears giving birth to another monster.
    Then you have the rumor about Fritzi Ritz being “Axis Sally”
    during the second war. You just can’t get too serious in the NeverEver; like having Phil working in some Christian Mission. I see the elements of a train wreck coming.

  4. Tomas Texino GoComics Pro Member commented on Annie about 1 year ago

    The way I see it, Punjab shows up to Jab some puns and that creepy Asp is turned loose to get up to whatever it is he does.. Left alone, the pig Warbucks is quickly sent to his reward by paralytic poison and dog attack. Then Annie and Capt. Santiago fly away after leaning that orange is the new black. The end. Arf!

  5. Tomas Texino GoComics Pro Member commented on Nancy over 1 year ago


  6. Tomas Texino GoComics Pro Member commented on Overboard over 1 year ago

    Los marineros deben matar a los ratones y a los conejos también!

  7. Tomas Texino GoComics Pro Member commented on Nancy over 1 year ago

    Perhaps the hideous character Nancy will succumb to this influenza? Then we would see more of the human-like Ms. Ritz; a cracker-jack gal who beats the gong of perfection!
    You can say; “Shut up your mouth Sr.Texino” “You don’t even
    speak the English.” I just want to put forth my rights and tell
    all; that when Mr. Fuller-Brush made this in the funny papers. it was OK fine. Now, however, a Cowboy is do the whole thing, he just don’t have permission to be making up new comic people and putting them in church. Mr. Brushfuller would not be happy!

  8. Tomas Texino GoComics Pro Member commented on The Meaning of Lila over 1 year ago

    “… signifying nothing.” bad form to use a part of a famous quotation without at least bracketing it with quotation marks.

  9. Tomas Texino GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy over 1 year ago

    OK, this is what might happen. The Moon Maid’s face will be horribly disfigured like your run of the mill Tracy bad person.
    She is forced to work in a freak show as "Giraffe Girl. Her carnival will be working a state fair where the Sounds of Plenty are starring. Mysta tries to start a fight, but team Tracy
    will show up en-mass and stop the trouble. In the end Tracy sets Mysta up with a maid service; “Out of this world
    cleanup”or something like it. All the maids will wear HEPA masks that look like the thing Moon Maid has on. Their logo will be The MM blasting away at a dirty house with a full charge of Horn Power. She will grow rich. OK? Well fine.
    Just because I do not post, it doesn’t mean I don’t watch and have been for a long time. I respect the regulars of course, but I fear that the writers have painted themselves into a corner and perhaps could use the device known to us
    as a("Plot Quirk)
    Kindest Regards- T. Texino

  10. Tomas Texino GoComics Pro Member commented on Annie over 1 year ago

    I certainly appreciate the sentiment for the Vets. Having served 42 yrs ago I was subjected to a less than enthusiastic reception. Still there is a big difference in being a Vet who served 1 yr tour and those who served the duration in wars I and II a lot of the WW I Vets were promised things that didn’t pan out due to the depression; There was some serious injustice leading to loss of life. WW II Vets did much better.
    The GI Bill passed and college education was offered along with affordable housing. I’d say we Vietnam Vets expected to fight the war like our fathers and uncles, but it wasn’t like that at all. No obvious enemy; no Front or “lines”. A few faced terror while many typed away in offices and far too many made up fantastic stories because there was a guilt: it was a real war, but it was nothing like we had played at and watched at the movies. I’ve said too much and I’m sorry. I was just trying to make some sense. Enjoy the comic, it’s nice.