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  1. HabaneroBuck commented on Tom Toles about 21 hours ago

    The “United States” of America was intended to be just like that, a set of independent states that worked together while simultaneously governing themselves. We still have a modicum of that mentality with some of the various laws across the land. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  2. HabaneroBuck commented on Clay Bennett about 1 month ago

    I thought I read the opposite?

    Icy Winter in North America

  3. HabaneroBuck commented on Ted Rall about 1 month ago

    The problem with America, as Rall demonstrates here, is that it is (similarly with Europe) “post-Christian.” There are public nods to faith here in there based on the fumes of religion, but very few people are motivated by faith compared to the former years. There are still quite a few pockets of 6000-year-old Earth, Second Coming, Antichrist-ruling-the-world fundamentalists around the country, but they are probably only about 15-20% of American Christendom.

  4. HabaneroBuck commented on Ted Rall 3 months ago

    I don’t understand what is so hard to understand that “America” has always been a predominantly Christian nation. Public prayer has long been a part of civic discourse, and the number of quotations from our governmental leaders along those lines is voluminous. Yes, we are aware that America is post-Christian today, but Christians are going to exercise their rights as long as possible. The right (and will) to publicly demonstrate Bible-based Christianity will eventually vanish, no need to worry.

  5. HabaneroBuck commented on Clay Bennett 3 months ago

    There were record colds all over the place this year. Every morning in February was in the negatives (F) in my region this year. I guess the thermometer counts only when it is advantageous to the cause? Couple of years ago, we were told to ignore our senses, because it was much larger than observing the thermometer on a seasonal basis.

  6. HabaneroBuck commented on Pat Oliphant 3 months ago

    Murder is the taking the life of an innocent, execution is the taking of life of the guilty. The morality did not change, the judgment did. I understand that some people do not like the death penalty, but the alternatives to particularly heinous crimes are absurd, in all honesty. Why should the victims’ families of Timothy McVeigh (for example) pay taxes that feed him and provide for him for the rest of his natural life? If you have an alternative to the death penalty, let’s hear it.

  7. HabaneroBuck commented on Pat Oliphant 3 months ago

    Lonecat, in essence, execution is an “eye for an eye”, which is Biblical. Judgment should be commensurate, not excessive or (as I would submit is the case with modern justice) insufficient. Housing someone for the next forty years with access to television, education, three meals, health care, etc…is insufficient punishment for particularly heinous crimes.

  8. HabaneroBuck commented on Clay Bennett 3 months ago

    Science is well-endowed by the government, well-entrenched in academia, and well-represented in the media. Some “cross”.

  9. HabaneroBuck commented on Ted Rall 4 months ago

    Jesus excoriated the Pharisees for honoring and decorating the tombs of the prophets, while being, in essence, the very ones who would have killed the prophets in the first place. It was easier to love the prophets after the fact.

  10. HabaneroBuck commented on Ted Rall 4 months ago

    Nonsense, John Locke. As Ted aptly demonstrates, honoring the LIVING is an indicator of civilization. Public demonstrations of caring for the dead are political theater, and expensive theater at that.