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  1. HabaneroBuck commented on Clay Bennett about 5 hours ago

    Science is well-endowed by the government, well-entrenched in academia, and well-represented in the media. Some “cross”.

  2. HabaneroBuck commented on Ted Rall 17 days ago

    Jesus excoriated the Pharisees for honoring and decorating the tombs of the prophets, while being, in essence, the very ones who would have killed the prophets in the first place. It was easier to love the prophets after the fact.

  3. HabaneroBuck commented on Ted Rall 17 days ago

    Nonsense, John Locke. As Ted aptly demonstrates, honoring the LIVING is an indicator of civilization. Public demonstrations of caring for the dead are political theater, and expensive theater at that.

  4. HabaneroBuck commented on Francis 18 days ago

    Liberation theology, for those that don’t know, is a form of making a revolutionary Marxist (with weapons in tow) out to be a “Christian” of some sort.

  5. HabaneroBuck commented on Basic Instructions 19 days ago

    My wife pointed out that Scott doesn’t draw these panels, he just re-uses the same old ones over and over again. Boss in panel 1 is the Boss in panel 4. I just never thought about it, I guess.

  6. HabaneroBuck commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    The Bible has mentions of Leviathan, Behemoth, and Dragons. While not explicitly descriptions of dinosaurs, they are certainly suggestive of an ancient awareness of dinosaurs. The Bible clearly demonstrates that ancient civilization was different than today, with characters aging up to 969 years old and “giants in the earth.”

  7. HabaneroBuck commented on Clay Bennett about 1 month ago

    The one on the left looks like this Greek guy I know.

  8. HabaneroBuck commented on Clay Bennett about 1 month ago

    Pretty clear from any reading of the scriptures that Jesus discriminated against hypocritical religious leaders, persecutors of the poor and downtrodden, and…..oh yeah, unbelievers in the God of Abraham, Moses, and the prophets.

  9. HabaneroBuck commented on Matt Bors about 1 month ago

    Zuhlamon, I don’t know if you are going to catch this, but the 18:1 ratio refers only to blacks murdering whites in contrast to whites murdering blacks. You are correct that the majority of all murders are intra-racial. My point is only that, statistically, blacks murder whites at a more significant rate than whites murder blacks, yet the Dunn case (and Zimmerman, I suppose) achieve major national attention and do nothing except agitate the general black population into thinking that there is some kind of “open season” on them by the white population. The truth emphatically shows otherwise.

  10. HabaneroBuck commented on Matt Bors about 1 month ago

    Everyone knows the event to which this strip refers. Why? Because that was the story that the media wanted you to hear. “White man shoots defenseless blacks.” Why is that news? Four black individuals in Detroit just mutilated and burned three white folks. Why doesn’t everyone in the nation hear about this? I am not advocating racially inflammatory reporting, however. I am just pointing out that this strip can only exist because someone decided that this was “news” and the roughly 15,000-30,000 rapes by blacks on whites every year are not “news”. Blacks kill whites about 18:1 in comparison to whites murdering blacks. And the racial agitation against white men continues….