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  1. HabaneroBuck commented on Ted Rall about 6 hours ago

    The story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac is a typological prefiguring of God offering His Son Jesus Christ as a spotless sacrifice. The language is dualistic in meaning when Abraham says, “God shall provide himself a lamb for sacrifice.” God shall provide a lamb for himself, and God shall present himself as that lamb. An amazing story, actually.

  2. HabaneroBuck commented on Glenn McCoy about 22 hours ago

    OK, got it, Iran is moving away from its own abundant resources because it is concerned about the environment. The meetings going on right now in Switzerland are really about weening the world off of hydrocarbons, even though the US is asking Iran to curtail its nuclear program, in favor of hydrocarbon usage. Your perspective is clear as mud, but not surprising. What do I have to prove about Iran’s intentions? Its mullahs have called for the annihilation of Israel, and the US, for years, and quite openly and apologetically.

  3. HabaneroBuck commented on Glenn McCoy about 23 hours ago

    You honestly think that Iran isn’t using its nuclear capabilities to investigate weaponry? Why, pray tell, do they then need nuclear facilities? Iran is one of the most energy-rich countries in the world, with a nice seaport. The country and region is abundant in natural gas and oil.

  4. HabaneroBuck commented on Clay Bennett 1 day ago

    Bottom line, freedom of association should still exist in a free society. Forcing the Christian baker to make a racy cake for a strip-club (for instance, just think about it) shouldn’t be permitted in a free society. Sorry, tolerance is a two-way street.

  5. HabaneroBuck commented on Clay Bennett 5 days ago

    Bennett clearly has a mental disorder. I wonder if anyone has had an intervention for him? As tom so succinctly stated, “stupid.”

  6. HabaneroBuck commented on Glenn McCoy 6 days ago

    This is an impeachable offense. Sorry, Obama-bots. There’s no supporting what he did, and there’s no supporting the lies and “celebration” that accompanied what he did. Bergdahl is actually not a mere deserter. It’s much worse. He’s a traitor. He sought out the Taliban to give them aid and comfort. Pretty undeniable.

  7. HabaneroBuck commented on Clay Bennett 8 days ago

    There will be peace in the world, but there’s only one way.

  8. HabaneroBuck commented on Clay Bennett 8 days ago

    That is too honest and open-minded of a sentiment for today’s rabid leftists. Cruz needs to be demonized, ASAP.

  9. HabaneroBuck commented on Clay Bennett 8 days ago

    Bruce, you don’t even have to go around the world, just look at the history of American presidents. Sincere or not, they all professed some form of Christian creed, assuming Obama does as well, though Jeremiah Wright wasn’t convinced that he did. So Hiram thinks every president in American history is disqualified from office?

  10. HabaneroBuck commented on Steve Benson 8 days ago

    Just looking at the comic as it is written, it would seem that there is some kind of breakdown in peace…..between Obama and Netanyahu? I believe that Obama is anti-Israel; I didn’t know that Benson believed that as well.