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  1. HabaneroBuck commented on Ted Rall 4 days ago

    Did Americans really even ask for the TSA? Pretty sure it would be gone if government was really of the people and by the people.

  2. HabaneroBuck commented on Tom Toles 4 days ago

    Big media is what it is. Not a huge fan of any big media, Fox included. I don’t know why Lefties think the Right loves Fox so much. It’s not that great, just not as bad as the alphabet soup crowd.

  3. HabaneroBuck commented on Tom Toles 4 days ago

    BS about Soros? I didn’t say he paid directly to the Dems, no one accuses him of that. The recent move to place the internet under the FCC was aided by Soros foundations to the tune of 196 MILLION over the last decade according to multiple sources. Don’t play ignorant, it’s not becoming.

  4. HabaneroBuck commented on Tom Toles 4 days ago

    Why do people always bring up Koch (American-born brothers BTW) when discussing Conservative/Libertarian politicos, but seemingly have no problem with the Billions of dollars Soros (non-native) has invested into influencing American policy? Are we supposed to revile the name “Koch” more than “Soros” for some reason? Many Americans believe in the same things the Kochs promote, is that so hard to understand?

  5. HabaneroBuck commented on Steve Benson 8 days ago

    So, again, you prove the point. Observing reality = hate. Got it.

  6. HabaneroBuck commented on Matt Bors 8 days ago

    Yes, mighty peculiar that the military is the object of Bors’ attention as it relates to “lying.” And here I thought only politicians routinely lied to us.

  7. HabaneroBuck commented on Clay Bennett 8 days ago

    I ask anyone to explain to me why we need a DHS in the first place. I didn’t like it when Bush introduced it, either. We have the FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, ICE, FEMA, State Agencies, and, oh yeah, the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, but somehow we needed another agency? Hogwash.

  8. HabaneroBuck commented on Steve Benson 8 days ago

    I never did understand how stating routine observations in the modern era is equated with hate speech. Giuliani did not incite any kind of concrete action against Obama, he just noticed that Obama’s grandpa, mother, Hawaiian mentor, university mentors, Chicago mentors, church mentors, et al. do not love traditional America, but have been, without exception, “Communist agitators.”

  9. HabaneroBuck commented on Tom Toles 11 days ago

    Jeb isn’t going to get the nomination, and if he does, he won’t win. The base isn’t going to hold its nose and vote on this one.

  10. HabaneroBuck commented on Chip Bok 12 days ago

    2000 – Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past.


    2015 – Weather forecast is five months of cold winter.


    At some point, we have to be honest and admit that failed predictions mean failed models, no?