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  1. KaminoNeko commented on Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal 5 days ago

    Beat you by 5 hours. :p

  2. KaminoNeko commented on My Cage Classics 9 days ago

    It doesn’t mean anything in Chinese. It’s Hawaiian. (And it means ‘appetizer’. Or ‘snail’, but in this case it’s appetizer.)

  3. KaminoNeko commented on FoxTrot Classics 12 days ago

    I’m guessing this strip is from before Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was a real thing?

  4. KaminoNeko commented on FoxTrot 13 days ago

    Elrond is a Lord of the Rings character, and swamps are a kind of land in Magic the Gathering.

  5. KaminoNeko commented on Lio 14 days ago

    Peanuts is not a zombie. It’s in reruns. Schulz is the only one who’s ever drawn Peanuts strips. That’s very different from zombie strips, which are a thing.

  6. KaminoNeko commented on B.C. 16 days ago

    Not really ‘renamed’ as apatosaurus is the older name. After they determined that the ‘brontosaurus’ was just an unusually large apatosaurus with the wrong head (it was given a conjectural skull based on camarasaurus), brontosaurus became a junior synonym…formally, anyway. It took a very, very long time for that to filter to the public at large (most of a century!)…

  7. KaminoNeko commented on Brevity 29 days ago

    Pun on sliding glass door. And the bartender is…apparently, a dwarf of the LotR variety…though an awful tall one based on the look of the trail the glass left and the resulting apparent length of the bar…

  8. KaminoNeko commented on Lio about 1 month ago

    ’Lio’s #8’? Kind of pessimistic ain’cha, Ichy?

  9. KaminoNeko commented on Trivquiz about 1 month ago

    … I would have gotten all 4 if I hadn’t second-guessed myself on the last one since the movie was mentioned in the blurb, and the character was part of the drawing. (The drawing of Vincent Vega didn’t help me get past that because I hadn’t scrolled that far, in order to hide the answers.)