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9 Chickweed Lane by Brooke McEldowney

9 Chickweed Lane

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  1. firebrand1 commented on Alley Oop about 23 hours ago

    To fellow believers Christ is Risen To others Easter greetings. With Gronk and Dunkel bagged Alley surveys
    and swings to the showdown with Tunk. If he’s going to swing on a vine he really needs a cool phrase or a cool call
    like Tarzan has. Even cartoon characters have cool calls.
    Cecil the seasick sea serpent, in Beany & Cecil in the early
    60’s, would always cry out I’m a-comin’, Beany-boy!"
    whenever Beany was in trouble ( His phrase Help Cecil
    Help) and needed to be rescued (every week).

  2. firebrand1 commented on Gasoline Alley 2 days ago

    Poor Skeezix excited but knowing that he won’t be there for the birth unless the war ends soon.

  3. firebrand1 commented on Luann 2 days ago

    The only surprise to this would be Elwood appearing in a
    helicopter, with Tiffany in tow, to rescue them from the
    freeway tieup. This is probably not happening but would be cool. Alternately then could walk off the freeway to a side-road to start on their journey to prom.

  4. firebrand1 commented on Alley Oop 2 days ago

    Good Morning Benders and readers of Alley Oop. So Gronk and Dunkel want to join Alley’s quest for Ooola. Trouble is they are not sorry for trying to catch Alley, just sorry they got caught themselves. Alley is smiling and ,in Lem, Gronk and
    Dunkel know that smiling doesn’t bode well for them.

  5. firebrand1 commented on Non Sequitur 3 days ago

    Some places you draw it on the road to get cars to slow down.

  6. firebrand1 commented on Alley Oop 3 days ago

    Good Morning Benders and readers of Alley Oop. Gronk
    and Dunkel are bagged and tied and ready to be put out
    for trash pickup. Only Tunk and Doof are left. Doof’ll
    probably offer Alley some of his stew to make amends.

  7. firebrand1 commented on Luann 3 days ago

    Most interesting bottled water is gotten by reverse
    osmosis. 40 year old technology but many times you
    don’t want to know what the water was before it was
    applied. Culligan Water uses it. Rosa should be careful
    also, many cities automatic ticket if you stand in sun roof of

  8. firebrand1 commented on Alley Oop 4 days ago

    Good Morning Benders and readers of Alley Oop. The
    voyeur in Doof loves to watch victims get sick on his stew.
    His motto My stew is consistent. It tastes the same going
    down or coming up.

  9. firebrand1 commented on Luann 4 days ago

    Unforgettable, a dangerous word, the good and bad events that will happen to individuals and the group that will be
    remembered for years to come.

  10. firebrand1 commented on Non Sequitur 5 days ago

    In Jersey buildings people would just yell out the window
    to people who lived down the block. No need for
    telephones or internet