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  1. Chris Maple commented on Calvin and Hobbes 1 day ago

    IIRC, Watterson does mention his father in one of the C&H books. His dad urged Bill to be more physically active and set an example, which is parodied in some of the comics.

  2. Chris Maple commented on Working Daze 2 days ago

    We don’t use base ten on clocks because the second is very deeply ingrained into science, and changing that unit would be a disaster comparable to what scaremongers claimed Y2K would be. 86400 seconds in a day just doesn’t work nicely to a power of ten.

  3. Chris Maple commented on Speed Bump 6 days ago

    The drawing has a Dr. Seuss flavor.

  4. Chris Maple commented on F Minus 13 days ago

    One reason for a helmet is to protect the brain. It’s more important than the other things that can be hurt at bicycle speeds.

  5. Chris Maple commented on Dilbert Classics 13 days ago

    Your math is one reason you’re not CEO.

  6. Chris Maple commented on Calvin and Hobbes 14 days ago

    Not only is Calvin correct, but anyone answering in English would be wrong, because that person doesn’t own the English words.

  7. Chris Maple commented on The Argyle Sweater 14 days ago


    comics are made far in advance, mostly Sunday comics because they’re in color and part of a larger than normal newspaper. Daily print comics have a pretty short lead, and webcomics can be from days for those that go through an editor to zero for self-published webcomics.

  8. Chris Maple commented on Over the Hedge 15 days ago

    My first thought was American Gothic, and my second Mona Lisa.

  9. Chris Maple commented on Speed Bump 16 days ago

    They do if you meet a bear.

  10. Chris Maple commented on The Argyle Sweater 16 days ago

    Life is better without cilantro.