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  1. Chris Maple commented on Luann Againn about 10 hours ago

    So many of the so-called great books are boring and/or nasty. ‘Modern classics’ are mostly just nasty.

  2. Chris Maple commented on That is Priceless 3 days ago

    “Yes, daddy, I’ll finish this, I’m just trying to suppress the gag reflex.”

  3. Chris Maple commented on Brewster Rockit 3 days ago

    Steady state hypotheses do not have to account for “why there is something instead of nothing”. When there is no start to existence, the start of existence does not need to be explained, and conservation takes care of the rest.

  4. Chris Maple commented on That is Priceless 8 days ago

    Hey! You! Get Off of My Gown!

  5. Chris Maple commented on Wizard of Id Classics 9 days ago

    Q. E. D.

  6. Chris Maple commented on Working Daze 9 days ago

    As is the case in many critical discussions, there is a failure to define terms, or deliberate misuse of terms, or general sloppy thinking. Take “All life is equal.” Algae is the same as a horse? No? They’re both life!

  7. Chris Maple commented on That is Priceless 9 days ago

    Al Bundy in bad times.

  8. Chris Maple commented on Working Daze 10 days ago

    For those of you who think that certainty is impossible, that because of the possibility of error nobody should ever be executed, I have two words for you: Charlie Manson

  9. Chris Maple commented on Loose Parts 10 days ago

    And nitromethane is the same as methane – not.

  10. Chris Maple commented on Liberty Meadows 10 days ago

    There is one fairly new strip – a few months old – on Cho’s apes and babes website, although it may be buried by now. It’s a Sunday-sized strip based on Calvin and Hobbes.