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  1. Chris Maple commented on Liberty Meadows 2 days ago

    Lip wedgie.

  2. Chris Maple commented on Rose is Rose 4 days ago

    Sounds that occur during sleep are often incorporated into dreams. I found that having the Boomerang channel (old cartoons) on is enough to derail most nightmares. Be careful though, it may not all be suitable for a 9-year-old.

  3. Chris Maple commented on Loose Parts 4 days ago

    He escaped by running through a window; but then he was a glazed salmon.

  4. Chris Maple commented on Lio 4 days ago

    Great idea, particularly if the lights blink.

  5. Chris Maple commented on Perry Bible Fellowship 5 days ago

    As Brooke McEldowney has cut off comments for Pibgorn, and this is the nearest alphabetically, I’ll drop a comment here.

    One of the interpretations of biblical Gomorrah is punishment for incivility, and there is some similar commentary in the New Testament.

  6. Chris Maple commented on Calvin and Hobbes 5 days ago

    I was thinking Walter Matthau. The head shape is Asner’s, but the nose is Matthau’s.

  7. Chris Maple commented on Frank & Ernest 5 days ago

    So what do you think of obligate carnivores, animals like cats that die if they don’t eat meat?

  8. Chris Maple commented on PreTeena 7 days ago

    Second from right looks like her mom with her hair styled.

  9. Chris Maple commented on That is Priceless 8 days ago

    1 more whishky an’ I can make thish bow tie shpin.

  10. Chris Maple commented on Calvin and Hobbes 9 days ago

    Many years ago, Before Calvin (BC), Mad Magazine did an article on comic characters grown up.Dennis the Menace was Secretary General of the United Nations, announcing that he’d put gum on all the delegate’s seats.