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  1. Chris Maple commented on Non Sequitur 1 day ago

    I’ve never understood the “truth to power” meme. Does someone think there’s bravery involved, or that powerful people only allow yes-men?

  2. Chris Maple commented on W.T. Duck 3 days ago

    “Gotten” (get) is a much broader word than received, and includes the possibility (among others) that a thing was obtained through one’s own efforts. In this comic, received might have been a better choice.

    “Had” implies that the item is no longer in your possession, and does not exclude the possibility that you’ve always had it (like toes). If you’ve gotten something, previously you didn’t have it.

  3. Chris Maple commented on Luann Againn 3 days ago

    From the locker to the blanket.
    From the blanket to the shore.
    From the shore to the water.
    Guess there isn’t any more.

  4. Chris Maple commented on Working Daze 6 days ago

    There are already too many destructive ex-businesswomen in politics.

  5. Chris Maple commented on Wizard of Id 6 days ago

    You’ll do what to the ficus?

  6. Chris Maple commented on Frank & Ernest 6 days ago

    Percent comes from the Latin “per centum”, per hundred. I don’t know if they developed the concept, but the word’s origin is theirs.

  7. Chris Maple commented on Working Daze 7 days ago

    360 assembler

  8. Chris Maple commented on Pluggers 9 days ago

    Oil etc. washes off the driveway, either onto the lawn or the street. From the street it does to storm drains and sewers, and from there to rivers and the ocean.
    At least on the lawn it has a chance to partially decompose before it reaches the water table in a century or two.

  9. Chris Maple commented on PC and Pixel 9 days ago

    It’s Wilford Brimley.

  10. Chris Maple commented on Citizen Dog 10 days ago

    We gotta keep searchin’, searchin’, find a place to hide
    Searchin’, searchin’, she’ll be by my side
    If we gotta keep on the run we’ll follow the sun-ah, wee-ooh
    Follow the sun-ah, wee-ooh
    (Del Shannon)