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  1. cbrsarah commented on Wizard of Id about 11 hours ago

    He was born in 280AD.

  2. cbrsarah commented on Glasbergen Cartoons about 12 hours ago

    He started out as Nicholas, then Bishop Nicholas, then Saint Nicholas, then all the other names came after, according to the interpretations of other countries.

  3. cbrsarah commented on Frazz about 12 hours ago

    The origins of Saint Nicholas aka Santa Claus, go back to the late 3rd century, in a town called Pataras, in Lycia before it was absorbed into Turkey.

  4. cbrsarah commented on Aunty Acid about 13 hours ago

    Me: Happy Floppy Feet; Hubby: Glitzy Glitter Balls; son #1: Pixie Glitter Balls; son’s wife: Glitzy sparkly Nose; son #2: Glitzy Pickle Pants; son’s wife: Nipper Twinkle Toes; son’s daughter: Sugarplum Angel Eyes; daughter: Pudding Tinsel Shoes; daughter’s hubby; Pixie McJingles

  5. cbrsarah commented on On A Claire Day 1 day ago

    I never heard of it either in that kind of store. Car sales maybe, but not a store.

  6. cbrsarah commented on Herb and Jamaal 1 day ago

    And those are the people who forget Jesus was raised as a Jew and followed the Jewish rites like Passover. And the Jewish people are God’s chosen. I’m not Jewish and I know this stuff.

  7. cbrsarah commented on Big Nate 1 day ago

    Spitzy aka the dog with the cone, belongs to someone else.

  8. cbrsarah commented on Frank & Steinway 2 days ago

    I’ve seen some really pretty and creative Christmas sweaters. Why people have a problem with Christmas sweaters is beyond me. It’s almost as bad as people maligning fruitcake and I love fruitcake. I just can’t find it anywhere, anymore.

  9. cbrsarah commented on Tarzan 3 days ago

    In the last panel, the drawing looks almost like Johnny Weissmuller.

  10. cbrsarah commented on Beardo 3 days ago

    Sorry but I find die hard movies not worthy of being considered Christmas movies. They are really depressing.