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  1. davidf42 commented on FoxTrot en Español about 19 hours ago

    Phantom – I doubt if it’s the end of the strip, but it might be the end of Phantom #21. But I do think it is indeed serious.

  2. davidf42 commented on FoxTrot en Español 1 day ago

    Phantom – How does Phantom intend to get the rings to his son? Is Devil supposed to deliver them?
    Judge Parker – To repeat, There’s got to be a story in here someplace. I just haven’t found it.

  3. davidf42 commented on Skippy 1 day ago

    Crosby must have taken a two week vacation. We skipped from July 30, 1927 to August 15.

  4. davidf42 commented on Origins of the Sunday Comics 1 day ago

    Great artwork!

  5. davidf42 commented on Mutt & Jeff 1 day ago

    You’re probably too young, but back in the olden days we could tell jokes without a big concern about political correctness. The Scotch were usually the target of jokes in which they were stereotyped as being overly stingy. Jeff is saying that he has been accused of being Scottish because he never discards his old stuff.

  6. davidf42 commented on Benitin y Eneas 1 day ago

    Morning, Vagabonds.
    Well, we’re working hard, getting the house ready for our German friends’ visit.

  7. davidf42 commented on Alley Oop 1 day ago

    Morning, Oopsters.

    Oh, my, what a surprise. These are the same two panels we saw yesterday.

    And yes, I know. Please don’t remind me of that very lame argument about Sunday-only readers.

  8. davidf42 commented on Annie 1 day ago

    Morning, Anniephans!

  9. davidf42 commented on Annie 1 day ago

    Morning, Anniephans!

    Big deal. Those countries are notorious for revolutions and regime changes. And the new regime will not honor the contract.

    Here’s the link to the 2005 Annie story, ”Losing Patience.”

  10. davidf42 commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Morning, Tracyville!
    It seems unlikely that we’re going to get a crossover story between a TMS character (Dick Tracy) and a King Features character (Snuffy Smith), but if we do, it’s sounds like it ought to be fun! Will it run simultaneously in both strips? I can’t wait to find out?