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  1. Jase99 commented on Views of the World about 2 hours ago

    “Yahoo’s main page came up.”

    Actually, an error page comes up when you try to use s49nav’s link. It returns a 404 page not found error.

  2. Jase99 commented on Rob Rogers about 2 hours ago

    “Shoot, none hires the muscle for a leader.”

    So what you’re suggesting is that G W Bush was just a useful puppet and Cheny was pulling the strings from behind the curtain.

  3. Jase99 commented on Joel Pett about 2 hours ago

    “Regardless of gas prices, big trucks lead in sales because they’re not just transportation, they’re useful tools.”

    They’re useful tools that are purchased by middle class suburbanites to stoke their ego, not get dirty at a job site. It’s like the suburbanite housewives who drive off-road SUVs to the mall.

  4. Jase99 commented on Jim Morin about 2 hours ago

    “Gee, only 4,648 more crises, scandals, screwups and outright lies to go!”

    And that’s just how many the Republicans will make up.

  5. Jase99 commented on Clay Jones about 5 hours ago

    “Sharpton owes $4 million plus in back taxes.”

    Well, then he’s got something in common with several Republicans.

  6. Jase99 commented on Henry Payne about 12 hours ago

    “The Great Divider! Class envy, racial tensions and the gap between rich and poor ALL heavens been this bad in decades.”

    Right, because Republicans would never stoop to wedge issues like abortion or gay marriage.

  7. Jase99 commented on Walt Handelsman 1 day ago

    I’m conflicted. Kim Jong Il is a tyrant with a bad haircut who allows his people to starve and had his own uncle killed, BUT he tried to prevent the release of another Seth Rogan movie.

  8. Jase99 commented on Signe Wilkinson 2 days ago

    “Man, you find evil in Christianity every where you look don’t you. Isn’t that some sort of Bigotry, I won’t say Racism because in the end Christianity is a choice.”

    1) Religion isn’t a race, it’s a belief.

    2) Religious texts are used to justify hatred of all kinds. Several organizations classified as hate groups justify themselves through the Bible. Some of them honestly believe they’re doing God’s work. The Westburo Baptist Church is an extreme example of that. With that in mind, it’s pretty easy for a outsider/non-believer to thumb through the Bible and see loads of hate.

    I’ve seen both sides of the Religion coin. I’ve seen the ugliness of the rabid haters, but I’ve also seen those who live by the teachings of Christ. The ugly side leaves such a lasting impression that it’s sometimes easy to forget about the other side of that proverbial coin.

  9. Jase99 commented on Dana Summers 2 days ago


    Thank you. The link you kindly provided included a thoughtful and in depth section on Modern theories of causation that goes well beyond “black people commit more crimes.” We as a society need to take a hard look at those reasons and address them.

  10. Jase99 commented on Dana Summers 2 days ago

    “Still being lazy, do a little research before you spew.”

    You ignore my point. If you’re going to make a claim like that, back it up.