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  1. saxie5 commented on Clear Blue Water 6 days ago

    Get a quote from a child care service, maid service, etc and see what he says then…

  2. saxie5 commented on Beardo 7 days ago

    Anyone who thinks teaching is a “fall back job” has never been a teacher!

  3. saxie5 commented on The Big Picture 9 days ago

    How would you feel if she said coffee is just another drink?

  4. saxie5 commented on Dinosaur Comics 12 days ago

    Tomorrow: T-rex’s friends introduce him to Snopes

  5. saxie5 commented on Betty 12 days ago

    Betty, quit pouting, get on the computer and start writing!

  6. saxie5 commented on Adam@Home 12 days ago

    Minus the pickle slices it could be considered a dessert pizza

  7. saxie5 commented on Animal Crackers 16 days ago

    Or make him the goalie.

  8. saxie5 commented on Andertoons 17 days ago

    It’s been redacted! Or it’s a pick your adventure comic.

  9. saxie5 commented on Dog Eat Doug 19 days ago

    My black and white cat does this. (She also licks every other smooth surface…)

  10. saxie5 commented on Cul de Sac 21 days ago

    Some days your just not feeling it…