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  1. Wraithkin commented on Mike Lester about 1 hour ago

    The problem I have with this comment:
    “One of the big reason I see for minimum wage even a bare federal one is to get more working people off government welfare and food stamps.”

    Is that you still have the public paying these social programs, just in a different way. Instead of taxpayers having it taken from them through the tax code, they have it taken from them at the register; companies will respond simply by raising their prices. It’s a vicious cycle that will never end. And artificially pushing up the minimum wage will compress the spending potential of middle-class workers (who won’t get an equivalent raise). After all, dollars only have a set spending power value. I remember I used to buy gasoline at just over $1. Now, it’s over $3.50. Same gasoline, just costs more. Kind of begs the question why.

    As to military families needing food stamps, that strikes me as unusual. I am a Sergeant of Marines, and when I was still in, I was pulling home roughly 3k a month after taxes while on active duty, after all my housing allowances, my increase in pay for my dependents, and I had free health care. That to me signals one of two things: Either they are abusing the system (because their income is reported as lower than it realistically is), or they have a dependent that is a dependopotomus, refusing to get a job to contribute to the household (which may only need a part-time job to supplement it).

    The reason I don’t want a federal minimum wage is it makes WASHINGTON responsible for setting the floor, which means they can still play politics with it. They can force up the minimum wage in the “lowest of places,” to force up the minimum wage elsewhere. If they left it to the states (like the Constitution said it should be), then you don’t have politicians playing favorites with the pet programs just to get re-elected.

    Ah well, nothing you or I will ever solve here. lol

  2. Wraithkin commented on Mike Lester about 24 hours ago

    @ Painter: If you’re still reading this (I don’t log in on the weekends), this is why I cannot stand the concept of a federalized minimum wage. Everything should be based on locale. Just like the cost of living in Manhattan is much higher than in Fargo, the minimum wage should go along with it. Painting with a broad brush only causes problems on both ends of the spectrum. You have people in Manhattan claiming poverty even at $15 an hour, and you have businesses struggling to pay their people at $15 an hour in Fargo.

    Minimum wage should be indexed against not only inflation, but also cost of living in an area. The Military already has this calculated, as you get COLA’s attached to housing provisions. And then it should be UNTOUCHED. No more tinkering. We should walk back through history and identify the initial minimum wage, index it against inflation, and then add the COLA multiplier and boom. Done. Leave it be. That way everyone in each area is getting provided the same proportionate income. That way people in Manhattan may be making $18 an hour and those in Fargo are making $8, but the local economic standing is the same.

    When you have politicians tinkering with the system, they are currying favor and trying to score political points. They aren’t actually solving the problem, and frequently are making it worse.

  3. Wraithkin commented on Mike Lester 5 days ago

    Thank you for the compliment. I will look forward to your response.

  4. Wraithkin commented on Lisa Benson 5 days ago

    Could you possibly spout something even more irrational? The agency that was responsible for upgrading the rails hadn’t settled on a method to do the upgrades. Nice try.

    As to the Benghazi things, what we’re discovering is that Clinton knew it was related to terrorist activities, and we knew about it 10 days before the attack. But State did nothing. An then there were the talking points, which were guided by the White House to mislead Americans. And it begs the question, why were the talking points modified 12 times before being released?

    Are these evidence enough for you? It stinks so freaking badly that even liberal news outlets cannot ignore it.

  5. Wraithkin commented on Michael Ramirez 5 days ago

    Though, Ted, you have to admit that the artwork is pretty good.

  6. Wraithkin commented on Mike Lester 5 days ago

    And, like I asked in my original post (which no-one bothered to answer), why are we going to be paying a 16 year-old kid who has no skills the same as a 40-something parent who has 20 years in the work force? Because if you’re a 40-something parent that’s making minimum wage now, you’re horribly, horribly wrong.

  7. Wraithkin commented on Mike Lester 5 days ago

    You and your ilk clearly didn’t read my entire post. My focus is on small businesses. Here is one that’s moving its shop and the 100 employees with it, because it costs too much. Another (in the same article) had to close shop because they would start losing their cash reserves by increasing their minimum wage.

    And then there is this article that states:

    “Since the legislation was announced last summer, The Seattle Times and Eater have reported extensively on restaurant owners’ many concerns about how to compensate for the extra funds that will now be required for labor: They may need to raise menu prices, source poorer ingredients, reduce operating hours, reduce their labor and/or more.”

    Then there are the Franchisees that will get pushed out.

    Or a pizza shop.

    Economists can argue theory all day long. These are real-world people, with real-world small businesses, that are losing their livelihood because of an arbitrary increase in the minimum wage. There are very few industries where cost of labor is a massive part of their expense sheet.

    Tarred, you need to get your head out of the sphincters of the talking bobbleheads you listen to. Profit margin. Hah. Tell that to someone who employs 4 people and barely makes 40k a year themselves. That’s some insane profit margin, I tell you! You are so focused on your vitriol towards successful businesses that you can’t even see how these changes will hurt every-day people.

    My father’s business employs (not counting himself) 6 other people. If minimum wage went to $15 an hour, it would put him out of business, because he can’t increase his prices, and he doesn’t make enough of a margin to pay his workers that much. They aren’t making minimum wage, but they aren’t making $15 an hour, because he can’t afford it.

    You fail to understand that businesses are in operation to make a profit. That’s the whole idea. Private industry doesn’t operate like the government; they can’t just print money whenever they want. They have to maintain a profit or they will go out of business. Pretty simple, really. But it appears that this simple concept is beyond your limited understanding of how business operates and how small-business America cannot afford legislation geared towards massive conglomerates.

  8. Wraithkin commented on Mike Lester 6 days ago

    I think I’ve been explaining the problem with a minimum wage increase using the wrong backdrop. People like you are assuming that business can afford to pay their people more because of the record profits that you are seeing coming from big corporate America. Here’s the problem: It’s not big corporate America that I’m worried about.

    How will you explain the hike in minimum wage to $15 an hour to a small business owner that employs maybe… 5 other people? Clearly, their profit margins cannot absorb that kind of increase.

    There is more than anecdotal evidence that supports small businesses will eventually be the victims of a minimum wage increase. What will end up happening is the business owners will lay off workers and work those hours themselves and just not pay themselves (because they can do that as owners). So it will not only cost jobs, but it will also degrade the quality of life for the small business owners.

    And just in case you say, “well, the small business owners can close up shop and get unemployment,” you would only be partially correct. Small business owners only get 4 weeks of unemployment coverage when they close up shop.

    Minimum wage was designed for workers who had no skills, no work experience, and no expenses. It was not designed to be a career wage. After all, why would you pay a 40-something parent the same as a 16-year-old kid who has no job history whatsoever?

  9. Wraithkin commented on Mike Lester 6 days ago

    Why, exactly, do you think goods are overpriced? I can tell you, cost of labor has a large part to do with it. Cost of labor goes up, so does cost of services and cost of goods. They are directly correlated.

  10. Wraithkin commented on Glenn McCoy 15 days ago

    I laugh at all the hooplah that is made over paid entertainers. That’s like blaming Gordon Ramsey for being too rude to his chefs. Or there being too many explosions in an Avengers movie. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it any more. Yeesh. We throw these clowns on a pedestal thinking they are some sort of demigods and for what? To be entertained? Why not at least make it interesting and make it like the gladiatorial arena of ancient Rome. After all, that’s why most people watch football: To see the hard hits and the "oooh"s and the occasional stellar play. Living vicariously through the violence of others. Meh.