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  1. Wraithkin commented on Lisa Benson 2 days ago

    And Rod, what are those facts and statistics? Do you have evidence to support that? I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but I would question that the word “thriving” is accurate.

  2. Wraithkin commented on Lisa Benson 2 days ago

    The best word I can use for the ‘race card’ that is being played by most democratic allies who are Melanin-blessed is disappointing. Are there racists in both parties? Unequivocally, yes. But does this ‘race baiting’ do anything positive? Equally, no. All it does is breed anger and hatred. And the disappointing part is that the liberal side of the house is using that anger to whip the ‘victims’ into a lather so they go vote. That’s the only purpose they are hoping to serve.

    If they wanted to have a real discussion about racism, they wouldn’t be embracing people who do nothing but preach hate (Sharpton). They should be embracing people like Dr. MLK Jr. THAT man was amazing. But all we have now are people who are driving the narrative to induce anger, not understanding. That is the real racism we have in this country today.

  3. Wraithkin commented on Glenn McCoy 3 days ago

    For all those conservative folks out there, there is one specific piece of information that is written into the NV constitution that allows the government to take the land from Nevada. It was the result of them being included into the union near its proximity to the civil war. So it’s not that the federal government didn’t have the legal grounds to do this, it’s that their excuse for doing it was nonsense.

    When a creature commits suicide by voiding its bladder when scared, it doesn’t exactly meet Darwin’s evolutionary expectations. I had to deal with these things when I was doing field ops at Twenty-nine Palms, CA. Same Mojave Desert shenanigans. And when I look at protecting/preserving these things at the expense of over a dozen ranching families, I get a bit irked.

    That being said, both sides overreacted to the situation. Taking the man’s cattle was an aggressive act, and it could have destroyed the family’s financial standing. And having the militia prepared to open fire on federal agents who were just doing their jobs… that’s bad form, too. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have paid the fees to use the land, but I’m also saying that if you want to deal with this, you arrest the single person breaking the law, not steal his cattle. Or you hit him on his taxes. Or something other than committing an aggressive act against an American citizen.

    As to the taser/youtube thing, I think it’s centered around the rumor/fact that Bundy’s son was tasered by an agent while trying to stop them from taking the cattle. Sorry, but if my son got tazed while trying to protect my property, I’m going to take issue with that, too. Both of the sides on this issue need to take a deep breath and back down a bit. Both sides are wrong.

  4. Wraithkin commented on Glenn McCoy 4 days ago

    Ugh, Gypsy was the only one who actually read the intent of my post. Gypsy, than you.

    First, I never said anything about not being allowed to be armed. I was talking about the personnel sent in to deal with the situation were wearing full-on tactical gear. The fastest way to escalate the situation is to come in loaded for bare. I’m not saying people can’t arm themselves. I’m saying that if they had sent in people to TALK to him, we wouldn’t have had the issue of a standoff to begin with. Discretion is the better part of valor.

    Secondly, no-one is bothering to look at the history behind the situation. I read an article on this matter, and I found out WHY this is all being an issue. It all surrounds a “conservation” of desert tortoises. In 1993 they had this land effectively seized by the federal government to protect these tortoises, even though families in the entire area depended on that free-grazing land for generations. So Bundy has a justified gripe with the government, which has (through the “protection” of these “majestic” creatures) bankrupted all the ranchers, except him. He’s the last one. So when you see a government slowly killing your livelihood, you can pretty much understand why he’d be ornery.

    Third, and here’s where the issue really takes center stage, there is the smacking of an agenda being applied here. Harry Reid is working with a Chinese energy firm (with whom his son is involved) to put up solar panel farms. Here’s the problem with it: That firm still needs to protect the desert tortoise, so the federal government is arranging for the relocation of those tortoises in another part of the state. Why are we doing this relocation for a foreign energy firm who has political connections, when we are not doing this for our own citizenry who does not? As I said, it smacks of an agenda and corruption.

    I want to stress, I don’t have all the answers on this one, but I know two things for certain. First: The feds overreacted when he was doing this, and could have had a more peaceful solution than going in with snipers and swat teams. Second: The federal government isn’t applying standards evenly, and this exemplifies the uneven application of laws and protections.

  5. Wraithkin commented on Glenn McCoy 5 days ago

    It’s not whether this guy was doing it illegally or not. It’s how the federal government responded. They sent something like 100 armed personnel to this guy’s ranch to control cows. Think about it plainly, folks. This isn’t a guy who is forming a militia, or plotting the downfall of America. He’s feeding his cows. The appropriate thing to do would to cordon off the area so his herd can’t access the grazing area. It’s not like cows are rocket surgeons; they aren’t going to hop a fence. And if he cuts or disrupts the fence, you take him to court. Big hairy deal. No need for 100 armed agents to descend on this guy’s ranch.If only they used this kind of force protecting our borders. Yeesh.

    And I would agree with Doc above. It’s okay for OWS to consume and abuse public lands for their freeloading purposes, but a guy trying to make a living using a renewable source (GRASS) is met with armed agents. Only in crazytown does that seem equitable.

  6. Wraithkin commented on Dana Summers 8 days ago

    Oh, and for the record, I’ve caught the NYT outright lying in their articles (as I did the research myself and caught them red-handed). This was a few years ago, mind you, but when a “respected news organization” outright lies so they can sell their version of the story, they lose all credibility with me.

  7. Wraithkin commented on Dana Summers 8 days ago

    I don’t read NBC or NYT as they are blatantly left-leaning. I actually get my news information from Real Clear Politics. I skim the headlines to check for investigative pieces, and don’t pay attention to inflammatory titles. “The Right’s War on Women” is a title that I won’t even read, because it’s clearly nothing but liberal trope, just like “The Left’s denial machine,” is equally stupid.

    I also watch youtube clips of CSPAN, so I don’t get it through the media filter (on both sides). It can’t be soundbite-edited to fit their narrative that way. I trust no-one.

  8. Wraithkin commented on Lisa Benson 8 days ago

    Adrian, I would agree. No PAC should have tax-free status. But instead of having it just denied, they intimidated via audit and other witch-hunting that suppressed other activity.

    So while you and I agree that these PACs shouldn’t get tax-free status, the treatment shouldn’t be one-sided. If you allow it, allow it. If you don’t, don’t. But don’t intimidate one side while you let the other off scott-free. That smacks of political tampering.

    @ TTM: I would agree. Issa didn’t do anyone any favors. And now with him being linked to Lerner’s office via email… it only discredits his arguments even further. It’s a shame, really. I honestly only care about one thing: The truth. (Yes, I can handle it!) If there was unfair treatment, and it’s proven that there was an attempt to suppress the conservative vote, that’s called Election Tampering and one of the most horrific crimes any group can commit.

  9. Wraithkin commented on Michael Ramirez 8 days ago

    TTM, c’mon. You are resorting to personal attacks to try to make your point. When you use things like “CONservatives” and “reDUMBlicans” it makes you sound unserious. I’ve seen you make perfectly sound and logical arguments that don’t involve this kind of base-level comments.

    That being said, your opinion is that the changes the Democratic party is trying to make is “progress.” Early in his tenure, Obama enjoyed a very strong majority in Congress. I’m not even going to use the “supermajority” argument because there is merit to say that it was short lived. But, it was long-lived enough to ramrod the PPACA through the system without a single Republican vote.

    Now, this argument I’m making is not related to the PPACA, rather that your assertion is false that it was the Democrats who are coming up with all the good ideas, and the Republicans are doing nothing but stop them. Your argument is built on the same argument Obama used when he was trying to move on from the argument about the PPACA: We’ve won, so shut up. In a democracy, it doesn’t work like that, and you know that.

    I will agree that some of the statements and attitudes that are coming out of the starboard side of the aisle are petty and vindictive, but I would argue that those opinions are not entirely unwarranted, given the way Obama has treated them. Obama has acted more like a Patriarch instead of a President, insomuch as him telling the Conservatives that they’ve lost, the discussion is over, and let me do what I want… suck it.

    If you and I disagreed about something, and I told that to you to your face in front of hundreds of other people, how would you feel about it? You’d get mad about it, because discussions don’t work like that if you feel strongly about something. I’d probably get off light if you just flipped me off, and you would have every right to punch me in my suck.

    Now, I will give you another scenario. If you and your wife have a disagreement over buying a new car, and her car choice would force you into bankruptcy (even though it’s a really nice car!), how would you handle that? If she said, “I have the checkbook, shut up about it already,” would you just roll over and play dead on it? Of course not! Don’t be so dishonest with yourself.

    So if you wouldn’t do it, why do you expect the Republicans to do it, when they see something that they feel is going to harm the country? They are entitled to their opinions, and they are allowed to act on those opinions within the scope of their authority. That is exactly what they have done.

    This, “Keep him to a one-term President,” was petty and vindictive and not at all productive. But their disgruntled status is perfectly justified when taken in the context that they were just told to “shut up, we won.”

    As to Clinton, I do not recall President Bush complaining about Clinton’s management of the economy for 5-1/2 years after he took office. In fact, I don’t recall President Bush complaining at all about Clinton. He took ownership of the country, for better or worse. Now, we may have griped and moaned about Clinton’s personal behavior, but not about how his performance affected Bush.

    And to your point on waging war and diplomacy, it’s not that we shouldn’t try diplomacy. It’s that we have effectively sucked the air out of the military cutbacks, and we have advertised to the world that we are effectively not willing to engage anyone on a military level right now. That takes the bite out of your bark.

  10. Wraithkin commented on Dana Summers 8 days ago

    Huh? What is this based on? I haven’t heard anything about this.