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  1. Wraithkin commented on Mike Lester about 4 hours ago

    Bergdahl violated the 5th General order, and went UA. He wouldn’t be considered “abandoned” if he voluntarily left his post, which he did. As I mentioned on another thread, he wasn’t captured as part of a combat action; he left and ran into their arms. He wasn’t worth saving, and he certainly isn’t worth defending.

    To those of us who have sworn the oath, his actions are worse than distasteful. He abandoned his post, his unity, his duty, his oath, and he got 8 of his teammates killed. He deserves to get shot. Quite literally.

  2. Wraithkin commented on Michael Ramirez 3 days ago

    We have quite a few misconceptions going around here.

    First: Let’s address the courts thing, because that is the low-hanging fruit. The reason we do not permit terrorists to have an open day in civilian court is because intel obtained through coercion cannot be used there, where it can in a military tribunal. They also were not Mirandized in the field of battle. You don’t slap cuffs on someone and read them their Miranda rights when you are getting shot at, mortared, and IED’d. In addition, Miranda rights don’t apply to terrorists.

    And if we even exclude that, there are national security interests that must be maintained. In a civilian court, there’s no expectation that the information presented there will remain there. In a military tribunal, the people who are hearing the information presented have clearance to hear it. You would know that if you knew one lick about how our national security is conducted.

    As to the deserter, he was not captured from his post on a FOB. He was not captured while on a convoy that fell under attack. He Left his post. That violates General Order # 5: To quite my post only when properly relieved. By abandoning his post, he not only endangered himself, but his entire unit. That, alone, is worth a court-martial and a dishonorable discharge. This is already factually established; it’s not an allegation.

    But to make matters worse, he then left to find solace with the Enemy, or desertion and a traitor. You guys like to throw Treason around at the Republicans for doing their job, but you won’t dare utter those words with regards to this blue falcon. Republicans wrote a letter — a letter that is completely within their rights (and Democrats have also done similar in the past) to issue — to reiterate that unless a law is passed, any agreement written by any administration is easily discontinued by a future president. That isn’t treason or traitors, that is factually accurate and relevant.

    The fact that we lost men searching him out, trying to rescue him from his “captors,” adds insult to injury. You want to talk about wasted lives, that is the very definition. The soldiers who were part of that search and rescue have already confirmed that Bergdahl was not captured; he left and went to them. Whether he was mistreated by them or not is moot; he willingly went to them of his own accord, and is thus a deserter and a traitor.

    Now on to Obama. The issue he has is that he made this trade without the approval of Congress. I’m not saying a Republican or Democrat Congress. I’m talking CONGRESS. He hides behind the guise of saying it was “no man left behind,” and that he would do whatever he can to ensure the safety of our troops.

    If he was that committed to our safety, he would stop telegraphing our punches and telling the various factions when we’re pulling out. If he was so focused on ensuring our safety, he would not have yanked our troops out of Iraq like he did. If he was so committed to “No man left behind,” he would have authorized our supersonic fighter jets to go into Benghazi and bomb the positions that were firing mortars at the embassy.

    No, what he did was a blatant breach of trust. The 5 men he released are going to head back into the mix with their jihadi group and they will work towards bringing terror back to our shores. This is why Congress needs to be involved, so one person doesn’t have the power to take violent prisoners of the state and release them into either our country or the rest of the world. On the very premise, it’s a balance of power thing.

    Obama, through his actions, has disregarded that separation of powers and set a very dangerous precedent.

  3. Wraithkin commented on Lisa Benson 6 days ago

    I do not consider SS recipients leeches. I do believe that too many people have based their entire retirement off SS, and as a result are currently suffering from crappy retirements as a result.

    The issue I have with SS is not the recipients, but the structure of it. When it was initially created, there were roughly 15 people paying in to every 1 recipient. Now, we are 3:1, and closing in on 2:1. That is an unsustainable system, which has caused most GenX’ers to become very bitter towards the SS system.

    We are not responsible for your retirement. It’s that simple. If you failed to plan appropriately for retirement, that is your fault, not ours. Yelling and screaming about how insufficient SS is will not remove your obligation to plan for your own future. After all, most GenX’ers are expecting SS to not even be there for us, because it will be bankrupt. Talk about getting screwed; we pay in our entire working lives (me since I was 15-1/2) and we get nothing from it. Yeah, that’s fair.

    I’m referring to those who can work but refuse to do so. I’m referring to those who have been sitting on unemployment for years, welfare for years, and having kids for years without any intent of getting a job. People feel entitled to these perks provided for by people like me who are actually working and paying taxes.

    I’m getting taken advantage of because I have work ethic, work ethic like you had during your working years. The difference is that I’m villainized for making money… such that more and more is taken when I work harder. It’s a reverse incentive.

    That reverse incentive is what is causing people like me to get outright furious with the legislators who let these mooches live off the system. Those legislators are Democrats, who insist on “needs of the child.” Want more money? Have another child. Want more food stamps? Have another child. Want housing paid for? Have another child. Why? Because we can’t POSSIBLY let children suffer because of the decisions of their parents.

    Instead of dumping more money at the problem, we should be enforcing social means: If you have no job and no means of getting a job, after 3-4 kids, all future children do not get you any additional work. If you can’t support them, CPS comes in and takes them and gives them up for adoption for you. Even back in my college days, there was a phrase that went around: If you can’t feed ‘em, don’t breed ‘em.

    Or, instead, make them work for their “free” stuff. You want food stamps, you have to go out and do public service. If you want housing assistance, go out and paint fire hydrants 3 hours a day. You want an Obama phone, you can clean up parks or public spaces. WORK for your benefits, instead of getting to sit on your rear end for 2+ years gathering endless amounts of wealth transferrance.

    It’s not society’s responsibility to pay for someone else’s promiscuous behavior and blatant abuse of the system. It takes money from those who truly need it and gives it to people who are gaming the system. SS disability is rampant with abuse and fraud, but they get away with it because it’s concealed under the auspices of “needs of the child,” or some other social justice.

    I have NO issues with helping people in need. If you are disabled (truly disabled), you get a helping hand. If you lost your job, you get SHORT-TERM unemployment to help you get back on your feet. You get injured at work, you get short-term disability to help you meet your household needs.

    What our social programs lack is oversight. There’s more money than we need in the system, but there’s no-one to ensure the checks are going to people who really need the help, and the checks aren’t going to those who are abusing the system. If you are riding around in an Escalade, you don’t need any government help. And yet, there are examples all over the place of this very thing happening. And THAT is what I take issue with.

  4. Wraithkin commented on Lisa Benson 6 days ago

    Keep in mind that a flat tax means no exemptions or exceptions. This means corporations like GE will actually pay income taxes, so that should be a wet dream for Liberals. Just remember, WaitingMan, those of us who pay taxes are getting sick of those who don’t and leeching off the system. The social safety net was never designed to be an entitlement system; it was designed to be a short-term helping hand in a time of need. Right now, it’s being abused, and people are sick of it.

  5. Wraithkin commented on Dana Summers 6 days ago

    Which parts does he not, specifically and with links?

  6. Wraithkin commented on Michael Ramirez 10 days ago

    We enlisted to win wars, not watch our president give our country and our freedoms away little by little. A lot of servicemembers hate Obama for those reasons.

  7. Wraithkin commented on Dana Summers 12 days ago

    Or perhaps NK never stopped building and we just didn’t know about it. We may have birds flying high above NK and watching a lot of them, but they have subterranean facilities that they likely continued work while we “negotiated” our way with them.

    In addition, they don’t need enough material to make a warhead… they only need enough material to make a dirty bomb. Stop thinking so conventionally, guys.

  8. Wraithkin commented on Dana Summers 17 days ago

    It is not the first time, nor the last, that Congress has spoken out against presidential foreign policy, so stop pretending that it is. Both sides have done it (as recently as Pelosi condemning Bush, but you guys were silent there). The point of the toon is that Obama is the last person to cry about Congress taking action without his consent; it reeks of hypocrisy.

    If he had been more centrist and working with Congress, instead of constantly beating them about the face because they didn’t agree with the Grand Leader’s Plans (per their constituents wishes, I might add), they might even be backing him on some of this stuff. Or he might have grounds to condemn them. But he’s not. He’s the most partisan hack Washington has seen in a great while, and Karma is coming back to bite him.

  9. Wraithkin commented on Glenn McCoy 24 days ago

    Yes, because black culture doesn’t glorify thug activity, crime, stealing, murder, or other actions that break the law. Oh, wait… they do. It couldn’t possibly be that blacks, as a percentage of their population, commit more crimes than their asian, mexican, or white counterparts, could it?

  10. Wraithkin commented on Lisa Benson 24 days ago

    I cannot believe your drivel. And what makes it even more shocking is that you actually believe what you just typed. Talk about yelling fire in a theater.

    Social Security in its current form is unsustainable. It needs to be reformed or changed. Math applies here.

    Again, Medicare is also in trouble, and funneling more people onto it is only going to overburden it. Reform is required for its survival.

    The EPA is an agency out of control. It needs to be reined in, not eliminated, and I’d like to have you provide one shred of evidence that supports any Republican candidate wishes to do away with the EPA.

    OSHA has never been assaulted, to my knowledge. Paper tiger much?

    Tax rates are not going to be, nor have they ever been discussed, brought to zero for corporations. Instead, they should be brought to common sense levels (such as eliminating repatriation taxes).

    Until you actually listen and read conservative proposals for limited government, you can’t argue your position intelligently. Go do some research and come back.